Best Natural Stone Surfaces for Las Vegas NV Pool Decks. For Tile & Grout Cleaning, Contact Silver State Floor Restoration!

It has become widely popular to utilize natural stone surface throughout the interior of homes and businesses. From kitchens to bathrooms and entryways the stone surface is become quite a commodity in its prestigious, elegant look. But now, some natural stone surfaces are making their way to the exterior of homes, specifically pools and spa decking.

For this popular new trend, Las Vegas Floor Restoration would like to share a handful of the options you can use for natural stone pool deck.

1. Travertine. Travertine is a commonly used in luxurious pools. Being used in ancient times for people of wealth in many buildings, this stone is widely known for its durability, but still has a beautiful aesthetic appeal. With it being naturally porous, and staying cool to the touch, many pool builders use travertine as a go to building material. With a few added benefits, the travertine is a slip-free surface because of its ability to absorb water and take extreme weather conditions, even the freezing and thawing seasons. Travertine is mined throughout the world, Turkey, America, Iran, Italy and in Mexico and usually is found in colors such as ivory, light brown, brown, and gold colors.
Travertine is usually finished in 3 different styles including:
– Tumbled, which leaves it textured and porous.
– Honed, for a smooth and matte appearance.
– Polished, to achieve a smooth and shiny look.
2. Flagstone. Flagstone is also popular among pool deck surfaces. The earth-tone coloring and textures give it a rich feel. Another non-slip surface, flagstone also has weather advantages, resisting heat and moisture and can endure a lot of use. Being easily obtained all over the work, it is very dense and so doing can last with little maintenance. With diversity in colors, size and textures, you can achieve unique designs.
3. Slate. Slate is similar to flagstone in its durability, easily accessible and has been utilized in building structure for centuries. Easily cut into desired shapes it comes in varying colors of blue, black, red, purples, greens, bluish grays, browns and rusts. Slate is quarried from Wales, United Kingdom. Portugal also produces beautiful slate, but the U.S., especially in New York has exceptional slate. Slate can be used in many styles, but has a charming appeal when used in natural type settings.
4. Limestone. Limestone is the “go-to” building material in many aspects. Can withstand any weather situation, and is strong and dependable for long lasting use. Available colors are gray, brown blue, tan and pink and is generally retained locally. Easily cut into preferred sizes, this stone is a stress free stone for those looking for a unique design, but is still durable.
5. Sandstone. Generally brown and red, sandstone is quartz grains. Easily incorporated in any style of pool and with earthy-tones, pool designers utilize sandstone. Like other natural stone, limestone is durable for constant use.
6. Granite. Granite can stand the test of time is used for its known resistance to the elements and use. Repelling water, keeping shine and coming in darker colors, granite has a lure and elegant presence. Granite has diverse aesthetics and can be used in natural deigns along with modern refinement.

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