Selecting the Color of Grout in Las Vegas NV; Call the Tile Cleaners at Silver State Floor Restoration For Cleaning & Grout Color Changes!

Your home serves many functions. A shelter from the elements and weather, a safe haven from negative influences, a dining hall and a party venue, among other things. Not only does your home meet all these needs, but is also an expression of our personalities and attractions. So when it comes time to choosing tile and grout, the possibilities are not only endless, but can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes even choosing the most complimentary grout for your tile work has an assortment of options. In the end it really depends what you are more drawn to.

Las Vegas Floor Restoration would like to assist in helping you determine what color shade of grout to go with.

1. First step is to choose the tile more suited to your tastes and desires. Grout contributes to the aesthetics, but tile is obviously the priority. With a wide range of tile, you definitely have some hard choices ahead of you. There is natural stone tile and man made tile in an assortment of colors and patterns and mosaics. Coming to the decision on the look of tile you wish will help narrow those choices.
2. Next is choosing whether to have your grout color stand out or having it be more subtle. Texture and surfaces of the room you are choosing grout for all part of the design scheme. Consider the final look you are trying to achieve.
3. If you decide on a patterned tile, for example, and want the appearance of the tile and pattern to blend in together, picking the colored grout that matches the printed tile will contribute to the blend. To obtain a more uniform design, have the tile and grout colors be as close as possible. The grout joints will be less obvious from a distance, along with the tile edges. The down side to implementing the tile and grout color blending arrangement, is maintenance is a little more involved, especially when utilizing the lighter shades to keep the methodical appearance.
4. Getting the grout to stand out requires contrast. The joints and tile layout become more prominent and bold. In kitchens, have the darker grout in conjunction with lighter tile or lighter patterns to help make a statement. An added benefit for going this route is the stains are less apparent, thus not requiring nearly as much maintenance.
– When going with contrast, you want to be sure to choose the colors that will complement each other. Having a clashing grout color will make the overall appearance harsh.
– After selecting the color scheme of your choice, you will want to make sure the caulk matches the grout color.
– If you are doing the tile and grout work yourself, always follow manufacturer’s directions to ensure the grout will be effective. Stick to using the same brands of caulk and grout for superior matching.

Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning, Polishing & Sealing in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

Tile and grout work is no easy chore, and keeping them in pristine condition is even harder if you neglect periodic professional cleaning and sealing maintenance. Hire the professionals at Las Vegas Restoration. Our experts have the best quality detergent and top of the line equipment to make your tile and grout vibrant, cleaned and refreshed. Call us today for your next appointment!

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