How to Care For Your Natural Stone Countertops in Las Vegas NV; Call Silver State Floor Restoration for Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning

Your natural stone countertops are one of the most expensive additions to your home but unfortunately they can become the most neglected area of your home as well. Having a clean natural stone counter top not only makes your house look more fresh and inviting, but it also makes your house a cleaner and healthier place to live. Natural stone countertops add a level of luxury and beauty to your kitchen that no other addition can. Keeping good care of your natural stone countertops is essential to lengthening their life and making sure they continue to look beautiful day in and day out.

Keeping Your Natural Stone Countertops Clean and Safe

To keep your natural stone counter tops looking like they did the day that they were installed it is necessary to invest your time in regular cleaning. It is also essential to consistently hire a professional cleaner to help give your natural stone counter tops a deep clean and remove any stubborn dirt, stains and bacteria that can weaken your counter tops and also create an unhealthy living environment for you and your family. If you’re natural stone counter tops are not cleaned regularly, dangerous and harmful bacteria and other allergens can begin to fester and affect the health of you and your family.

Most Common Mistakes When Caring for and Cleaning Your Natural Stone Countertops

One common mistake that is often made with natural stone counter tops is allowing spills and other accidents to sit on the surface of the counter top for a long time before it is cleaned up. Though many natural stone counter tops may be “stain resistant”, spills still need to be cleaned up quickly to prevent any kind of stain from occurring. The longer a spill is allowed to sit on the surface of a natural stone counter top, the longer it has to slowly seep into the stone and result in a stain that can become extremely difficult to remove on your own. Another common mistake that home owners often make when cleaning their natural stone counter tops is scrubbing excessively during the cleaning process. Using the wrong type of brush coupled with a cleaner that has no business being on your natural stone counter tops will do more damage than good. It is important to use the appropriate tools and cleaners when washing your natural stone counter tops. Harsh cleaners can cause permanent damage to your natural stone counter tops, leaving faded areas behind and even scratches.

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