Best Ways to Clean, Care & Maintain Hard Surface Tile & Grout Floors in Las Vegas, NV

Somewhere in every home, there is typically hard-surfaced flooring; tile and grout or wood floors are a couple of examples. When it comes to the care and preservation of your hard surface flooring there are some basics every homeowner should know. We at Silver State Floor Restoration have compiled a list of tips that will contribute to the longevity, presentation, and overall condition of your hard-surfaced flooring.

Best Way to Clean & Care for Hard Surface Tile Floors

1) Identify Materials. Knowing what exactly your hard-surface flooring is comprised of can help you select the appropriate maintenance programs and treatment applications safe for your specific flooring. When it comes to hard-surface flooring, there are 6 categories; ceramic/clay, concrete, natural stone, resilient, and specialty. In each of these categories, there are a number of classifications as the hard-surface flooring options are cared for.
2) Hard Surface Floor Protection. Hard-surfaced flooring is very durable in many ways, but a common vulnerability is that they are subject to damaged caused by erosion that begins at the surface. Soil, in its variety, is the number one cause of eroding surfaces. Successfully minimizing the exposure to your hard-surface floor is essential and walk off mats is one of the contributing factors that reduce the contact hard-surface floors have with soil. In recent studies, 33% of soil is reduced from entering into a building with a simple placement of a 5 foot walk off mat at the entry point; even more ideal is with a 25 foot walk off mat nearly all of the soil prevented from entering the building.
3) Spot Mopping. Spot mopping spills can ensure the preservation of the flooring from getting marred and stained from unsightly blemishes. Diligently spot mopping any hard-surface floor is a perfect remedy for maintaining floors longevity as well as its daily appearance. Keep in mind that in the commercial setting especially, that slips can occur on the damp service and placing wet floor signs or other cautionary indicators can help people avoid injury in the event that drying the floor immediately is not permitted.
4) Daily Hard Floor Maintenance. Even with walk off mats, some soil will manage to fall on the hard-surface flooring and to ensure you avoid the eroding affects it has, daily maintenance is highly recommended. Using your ideal tool; broom, dust mop, microfiber mop, or vacuum, perform daily dry maintenance and remove the debris from the surface. Following the dry cleaning application, do wet maintenance by doing spot, damp, or wet mopping procedures where applicable, and immediately dry. Be sure to use the appropriate cleaning solutions with the floor materials you have.
5) Periodic Tile Maintenance. Periodically, the hard-surface floors require deep cleanings and treatments that are optimally performed by a trained professional. With the different categories and classification concerning the various hard-surface floors, there is a wide margin of error for those who are not formally trained. Additionally, restorative maintenance is also needed from to time that is better services by the experts.

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