Causes of Hardwood Floor Cupping, Crowning & Other Problems in Summerlin, NV

Hardwood floors have many natural enemies that can destroy their beauty. That is why it helps to properly care for and protect your hardwood floor from these enemies. It is good to know what they are first. There are many elements that destroy a hardwood floor which is a considerable investment to your home. Silver State Floor Restoration will share some of these common destructive elements so you can better protect and extend the life of your hardwood floor.

What Causes Hardwood Floor to Buckle & Other Problems Such as Cupping, Crowning & Lifting Up?

Moisture – Moisture, and even humidity, can cause wood to expand and contract. In these circumstances they will often pull apart from each other, creating gaps for even more moisture to seep down into the wood, which will slowly rot the wood from underneath. Water from a spill or a flood can cause the wood to warp and even dry and split. Even mopping a wood floor and not drying it afterwards can be enough moisture to begin damaging your wood. If you use a mop to clean your floor, make sure that the mop is just damp and if necessary dry the wood floor after mopping.
Pets – Accidents from pets, especially urine, can damage and corrode the wood. Much like moisture, the wood can split, warp, and expand and contract, causing gaps. However, the ammonia from the urine can also discolor and erode the wood over time.
Scratches – Scratches on the wood’s protective finish can be caused by heavy furniture, pets, shoes etc. This will leave the wood exposed to moisture, dirt and other elements that can damage the wood. It can even dry it out causing splintering. Scratches can occur in many ways and may seem impossible to prevent. However, by having your wood floor refinished and sealed every five to ten years will help prevent major damages from occurring. Between refinishes, you will want to make every attempt to prevent scratched from happening on the surface of your hardwood floor.
Pests – There are many different types of pests that can damage hardwood floors. One example is a bore beetle invasion, or worse yet, termites. Subterranean termites are a known local species here in Nevada. This species of termite has been known to crawl through the cracks of a home’s foundation to gain access to the home’s structural wooden frame and hardwood floors. If you’re seeing tiny holes in your wood, or sawdust shavings in the seams or cracks of your hardwood floors, you may have bore beetles or even a termite destroying your wooden floors.
Sun – Wooden floors can begin to fade in color and dry and splinter where there is a constant ray from the sun. Typically near windows or glass doors, the UV rays beam down on the hardwood. Due to the constant heat and damage of the UV rays from the sun, the wood begins to dry, which causes the wood to discolor and splinter. For rooms with hardwood floors it is important to make sure the windows or glass doors are covered with curtains or blinds to help protect the wood.

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Silver State Floor Restoration provides many services and can help restore wooden floor that’s been damaged by any of these elements. If your hardwood floors are in need of refinishing to extend its life and usage, contact Silver State Floor Restoration today to schedule your hardwood floor cleaning today.

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