Saltillo Tile & Interior Design Ideas to Create a Spanish Style Home in North Las Vegas, NV

Are looking to decorate and model your home after a beautiful Spanish style? Spanish style has been a great decorating style over the years and continues to be one even now. Not everyone wants a sleek and modern style. Others are not into the standard boring tans and grays that are neutral. If you want a spicy and fun looking home then Spanish style décor may be just what you always wanted. Spanish culture is full of color and expressive decor that is sure to bring a smile to anyone that comes to your home. Now you need to know what exactly would make your home look more Spanish. You need to make some changes that can set your new fiesta inspired house just the way you want.

Silver State Floor Restoration Offers Tips On Adding Spanish Style to Your Homes Décor

Spanish & Mexican Style Flooring: If you want to really set the stage for a Spanish style home you need to start at the bottom. The floor says a lot and can set the feel of the entire room. Although modern stone like granite, slate and travertine are great they don’t scream Spanish! You need to go with a floor that has that authentic Spanish floor. The top choice in most instances is a Saltillo tile! This is a tile that is handmade and comes in a variety of colors that range from brown to red and all sorts of shapes. The shapes of the tile does not have to be your standard square. In fact the more intricate the tile the better. The curved edged and inlaid pieces lend well to a Spanish look. Flooring is paramount when setting your home up for a specific look and feel.
Tiled Spanish Niches & Alcoves: If you want your home to feel authentic you may need to do some remodeling. You need to have those great niches in the hallways and rooms that add that element of Spanish culture. These alcoves are a great place to show off art and arrange other Spanish style décor. You can have the niche spruced up with some fun tiles that are colorful and show off the Spanish feel. Don’t feel like you have to stop with just one tile color and shape. This is a great area to be creative and even have a mural added to the area. Color is key in these instances.
Spanish Style Furniture: You can browse through Spanish style décor magazines for some decorating ideas but keep in mind a few rules. You are going to live there so be sure that you are still choosing items that are suitable for you and your family. With that in mind a nice rustic table and chairs is a great place to start. Choosing woods that are stained with a darker color is a great way to show off a room in the Spanish style. You can always add some rugs to your home that lay over your Saltillo tiles.

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