How to Make Marble Floors Shine in Henderson, NV; Cleaning, Polishing & Sealing

Marble is one of the most classical, elegant, and beautiful natural stone used in flooring homes and particularly, businesses. With its shine and radiance, many people will invest in the marble flooring to increase the value of the property as well as indulge in luxury. But like any type of flooring options, marble is susceptible to getting filthy and showing signs of wear. The mechanics of marble differ from other types of stone; marble repels dirt and dust with its shiny, smooth-like surface, but because of the minor scratches, scuffs, and other inflictions, the dirt is trapped, making the marble appear filthy. When the marble is no longer being protected from its own density and smoothness, the overall appearance can look dull, dingy and all scratches, etches, and decay will be fairly visible. With professional assistance your marble floors can shine once again. With that in mind, we at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to share some tips and advice for the cleaning and care of your marble floors.

How to Clean & Shine Marble Floors

1) Application of Marble Sealers: Keep in mind that marble differs from other stones. It is capable of easily absorbing liquids and stains very quickly if not properly protected. Fortunately the right sealer applied to the marble flooring in your home or business can create an impenetrable shell that keeps the stains near the surface and repels the water; so you have adequate time to dry the floor or remove the stain.
2) Polish the Marble: Bringing out the color of the stone in addition to some extent decreasing the absorbency rate of the marble, polishing is ideal to maintain. Over time, polishing does diminish, so depending on the involving circumstance, the marble flooring will need to be polished from time to time. Polishing is a must if you want your marble floors to outshine the five star hotel lobbies.
3) Immediately Clean Up Spills: Marble can be easily stained, being especially sensitive to acidic substances like coffee, fruit juices, tomato sauce, wine, sodas, cleaning and toiletry products. In the event there is any kind of spills, they should be cleaned immediately. Neglect will fade the shine and luster, leaving your marble dull and lifeless.
4) Clean Marble Only with a Soft Sponge or Cloth: Ideally, to clean marble flooring, use hot water and a formulated marble stone cleaner. Wipe the surface dry with a cotton cloth or chamois. Never use any kind of abrasive cleaners or implements.
5) Frequently Dust or Mop Your Marble Floors: At least once a day, more if necessary, use a clean, dry and non-treated dust mop to clean the marble floors. If you opt for using a vacuum cleaner use caution as the dirt jammed in the wheels can etch the surface and use the bare floor setting. Mop regularly using a stone cleaner.
6) Utilize Doormats, Runners and/or Rugs: Place doormats outside and inside the house so that people can wipe their feet before they come inside and strategically place runners and rugs throughout the marble flooring to minimize the grit, dirt and sand carried in by shoes that can cause damage to the marble tiles.

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