Ways to Enhance Your Entry Way with Ceramic or Porcelain Tile or Natural Stone in Las Vegas, NV

If you are sick of your sad and dreary entry way and want to increase the look and feel of it? Then you may need some tips for how to go about it. Adding a potted plant is not the answer. In fact there are some really great ways to add elegance and appeal that invite others into your home. You can always update the paint on the walls and add some nice art work. You also can increase the beauty of your entry with the outdoor look as well. You may need to make some tweaks to the plants and other landscaping as well as cleaning the walkway that leads to the front door. You can have outdoor stone tiles installed in place of your concrete to make your walkway more unique. You also want to make a statement when someone walks through your front door. There are some great ways to do that.

Silver State Floor Restoration Lists Some Great Ideas on Adding Natural Stone & Manmade Tile To Make A Grand Entrance

Tile Medallion: You don’t have to have a giant open entryway into a ballroom to have a unique medallion added to your home. You can have a custom medallion set up and installed that is made from mosaic tile or stone tile. You can choose the type of medallion that you want and what type of tile of stone is best to use. You can have the medallion as simple or intricate as you want with colors that accent the look of the rest of the house.
Mosaic Rug Look Tile: If you have a room or you want to add a border to your home you can use a mosaic rug type of layout. A mosaic rug with tile is a great way to add some intricate design and still set up the room or entry way. It can also make a great way to separate one type of flooring to another. The tile is set up in a way that your tile looks like a nice beautiful rug but it is actually your tile. The layout has to be set up professionally so that the area is seamless and goes together. You can use this type of tile in a small way or even in a large room.
Tile Checker Board Walkway: If you have an entry way that is not large and open but instead leads into a hallway you can use a different tile layout. A medallion or a mosaic rug layout may not be your best option but using a checker board walkway could be. This is when you use a black and white checker board layout on an angle to extend from the doorway to the hallway. It is also a great idea to add a border to the hallway using one of the alternating tile colors.
Tile On The Walls: Tile and stone on the walls is not strictly for a bathroom shower anymore. You can use the tile or stone and have them attached to the wall to add a great look to your entryway. Floor to ceiling tiles is a way to add texture to the room and the entry.

Natural Stone & Manmade Tile Cleaning, Polishing & Sealing in Las Vegas Valley NV, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

No matter what tile flooring design you have in your home or business, professional cleaning and sealing is recommended to keep it looking good. Silver State Floor Restoration offers expert natural stone and manmade tile cleaning, polishing and sealing services. Contact us today!

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