Can Dog Urine Ruin Travertine & Natural Stone Floors in Aliante, NV? How to Clean Pet Stains

The majority of homes across America have welcomed a pet in the house. This can be anything from a fish to a hamster to a dog. Whatever you have chosen to be a part of your household it takes some care and nurturing to keep them happy. Although any pet is a great addition to a home a dog is really man’s best friend. That is likely due to their unwavering loyalty and their need to be cared for. They are the top pick of household pets and that is for great reason. They are not just a loyal companion to the members of the family but can add a level of security as well. Their nature is to bark at someone or something that might be near the area that they consider their home. This is a great deterrent for a would be thief. Dogs are a great way to also get healthy with all the walks that they need to give them the exercise they need. With all the great things that a dog brings to your home there are some things that they do that can cause some damage to your stone floors.

Silver State Floor Restoration Outlines Ways a Dog Can Dirty & Damage Natural Stone Floors

Oil from Dog’s Coat Can Damage Natural Stone: After your dog has run around or been outside in the sun most of the time they come in the house and get some water. This is to help them cool back down from getting too overheated. The other thing that you may notice is that they tend to run for a nice cool spot to lay down. The fact is that the tile or stone floors is the perfect spot to cool off and that is most likely where you will find them laying. The problem that you might find is that your dog has left behind an oil spot on the stone floors. Oil is something that you never want to allow time on the floor. Dogs have oil glands just like we do and dogs that are breed to retrieve or live around the water have more oil follicles than other dogs. You want to make sure that you have a good method to remove the oil from the stone floors so that it will not cause damage.
Natural Stone Scratches from Dog’s Nails: Another problem that some homeowners find that have stone floors and a dog are small scratches. Their nails are worn down from walking around on hard surfaces but most dogs have to get their nails trimmed by a professional or at home. This will keep them short enough that they should not be a problem. If you are seeing small scratches then you want to be sure that you trim the nails and have the natural stone floors refinished.
Dog Urine & Feces Stains on Natural Stone Floors: Lastly if your dog is left in the home for a long period of time they may end up having an accident. The urine that a dog has is chock full of alkaline and acid that is damaging to natural stone floors. If you allow the urine to stay on the stone it can start to eat away at the stone and cause a stain on the tile.

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