Flooded Natural Stone Floors in Las Vegas, NV? Do You Have to Pull Up Tile After a Flood

If you have ever been in a situation where your home has been flooded you know that it can be real devastation. The water that has leaked into your could have come from a leaking water heater, storm or even another appliance that has exploded. Most people know that after water damage comes mold and mildew and deciding whether you need to clean or replace things comes next. Once you have had a chance to find the source of the flood and stopped the water you need to start the cleaning process right away. The longer you allow the water and the moisture to sit on the surface the more likely it is that you will have trouble cleaning. There are items once they are water logged that will need to be replaced and cannot be cleaned. When it comes to stone tile floors it is important to know what you need to do to determine if it can be cleaned or needs to be replaced.

Silver State Floor Restoration Outlines Whether You Can Clean Tile Floors After a Flood or You Need Replacement

Start With Tile & Grout Cleaning: When you have been involved with a flood especially one from an outside source like a storm you need to start with cleaning. There is often mud and dirt that is left behind after the water has receded. This can be enough mud and dirt that you are not able to see the floor underneath. You don’t actually have to clean them to a shine but you need to have access to the floor. You want to work on removing the dirt and mud so that you can get a good look. You may need to sweep it out the door or even scoop it up and haul it out. You want to then follow up with a quick clean after the main amount of mud is gone.
Tile Floor Inspection: The biggest problem that can occur when your stone floors are damaged by water is the dirt that will collect from the floor. When you go to remove the mud and dirt from the floors it will often lead to scratches. The dirt will act as an abrasive and that will scratch the top of the stone and will cause damage that is hard to correct. Just a standard cleaning is not enough to get the scratches repaired and there are times that these scratches cannot be fixed. You want to have the stone floors inspected by a professional stone floor restoration company. They can determine if the stone can be cleaned and resurfaced to correct the damage.
Tile Water Stain Removal: Other problems that you will end up with when your stone floors are damaged from water or flood is staining that might be left behind. The stain can be from the water as well as mud and dirt. The other staining that you may need to deal with is mold and mildew stains. The good thing is that these stains can often be cleaned and the stone can be polished and resealed.

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