Can You Change the Finish on Granite or Other Natural Stone in Green Valley Ranch, NV?

There are many homeowners that love the look and elegance that stone tiles bring in the house. This is not only a common material that is used for countertops and backsplashes but also on flooring as well. Stone is a great option for flooring in any area of your house. You can always use rugs to add some level of comfort to your stone. When it comes to stone most people make a decision about the finish of the stone they have chosen. This can mean that the stone has a polished look that offers a nice high shine. It can also be a stone that has a matte finish where you won’t see any shine at all. Then you can have any level in between depending on what you want in your home. The problem is what if down the road you are not happy with the finish of your stone and you want to change it out. What are your options? Silver State Floor Restoration outlines what you can do to change the finish of your natural stone floors.

Do You Need To Replace Your Natural Stone?

One of the things that some homeowners may think is that they have to replace the stone. This can be a costly price to pay to get the same type of stone and just change out the finish that you chose originally. The answer is that you do not have to change out the tile and there is a process that can be done to create a different stone finish on your existing stone floors. The best way to have this process done is to make sure you hire a company that has the ability to refinish your stone floors and one that can create the finish you are going for.

Can You Make Gloss Tiles Matte?

Lets start with your stone and we will say that it has a glossy finish. This is a finish that you chose to have on your stone when it was installed. Now you want to go with a more matte finish and that will require the shine to be brought back down. The great thing is that a professional service has equipment that can be used to buff out the shine. It is similar to the polishing machine but the attachment will be harsher and remove the current finish. Once they are done the stone can be refinished since the gloss has been removed.

Is It Bad For Natural Stone to Remove Gloss Finish?

You might be thinking that breaking down the stone and removing these layers can be damaging to the stone or make it so that the stone is not as strong. The great thing is that this is a normal occurrence and does not cause damage to the stone. It actually will remove any dents, dings and damaged areas that might not be smooth anymore. In fact this is a great way to protect the stone floors.

Can You Change the Finish on Natural Stone Yourself?

The term DIY has been a major idea for many homeowners that want to take on their own projects. When it comes to the stone floors and removing the finish this is a job that you need to leave to a professional. If you take too much off the stone or do not seal it properly you will have stone that is damaged and in need or replacement.

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