Can You Remove Scratches, Stains & Etching Marks from Travertine Natural Stone Surfaces in Las Vegas, NV?

When compared to manmade tiles like porcelain or ceramic, natural stones such as travertine can be more susceptible to damage. Whether it be from a liquid or a hard object scratching into its surface, there is a number of things that can cause damage. Despite the severity of the situation, most of the time these issues can be remediated with travertine polishing services. However, it can worsen over time and become harder to restore the travertine back to its original state if the issue is not taken care of in a timely manner. Today, we at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to discuss removing etching, scratching, and stains from travertine tile.

What Causes Etching on Travertine?

Especially in stones like travertine whether it be on the tile floor, in the bathroom shower, or kitchen countertops, etching is more common than you would think. Even in the slightest, any fluid that is acidic can cause etching. Acidic drinks are the common source and cause to etching in natural stone. Because it will cause etching and it is an inconvenience to remove, you should be careful to not spill any of these unforgiving liquids on your travertine floors. Also, it’s important that you use an alkaline based cleaning solution as it is the only safe way to clean natural stone. A huge mistake comes from buying most aggressive cleaners thinking they will get a better result than a diluted alkaline based degreaser. This usually leads to etching.

How Do You Get Scratches Out of Natural Stone?

Serious scratches is often the result of sliding furniture such as couches, dining-room tables, coffee tables, and recliners on the surface. Natural elements can also lead to scratches. Pebbles and small rocks stuck in between the treads of your shoes can cause scratches as well.

Does Travertine Stain Easily?

Though staining is less common, it still occurs often enough to discuss the subject. Because they were simply unaware that it could happen, stains have developed. Any fluid or food that is dark in color such as wine or oil are the usual culprits in staining. Generally, if you ensure your travertine is sealed, stains are not a problem.

How Do Professionals Remove Etch Marks, Scratches & Stains on Travertine Tile?

No one wants to endure the eyesores as these blemishes compromise the appearance of premium priced materials. To get back to your normal life right away, it is important those stains are removed. Honing the travertine and bringing back up to a desired level of polish is the way to go 99% of the time. Ensuring the travertine tile is properly cleaned has a learning curve, the equipment is expensive, and the process is time consuming. If you don’t have the right tools or experience, you risk not getting the results you may want in the end. It is essential that you or the company you choose to hire have extensive experience in the field when working with such expensive natural stone. It will cost you multiples more than intended to have the floors replaced because serious damage can occur if not done properly.

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