How Do You Maintain Bathroom Floor & Shower Tiles & Grout to Look Like New in Centennial Hills, NV?

You get up in the morning, shave, shower, do your hair, and/or do your make-up. Then you leave the bathroom and head out for the day. Well, what happened to your bathroom? More often than not, your bathroom gets left the way it is. You are running out the door and don’t have time to deep clean the bathroom. Do you really want your bathroom looking like a mess and getting worn down? Silver State Floor Restoration wants to help you with that problem and give you a few suggestions that you can and should do to help keep your bathroom in the best shape possible.

Dry Tile After Getting Wet

This is a very simple thing to do. When you are done getting ready for the day clean everything up and put everything away after you are done using it. Wipe down all tile surfaces at least once a week. This can help remove hair, makeup, toothpaste splatters, or anything else that can get on the counter. It is also a great idea to dry all the wet tile after your daily shower. This can help with water spots on shower glass and help the tile become dry faster.

Deep Tile & Grout Cleaning

If you are already cleaning up after yourself and wiping down everything in your bathroom every day that is great, but it is still not enough to keep your bathroom clean. Your bathroom is still getting dirty in the grout and deep corners, even when wiping things down. You need to deep clean the grout. This will help remove the stubborn dirt, chemicals, bacteria, and other debris from getting into your grout and making it look clean and new again.

Repair Damaged Grout

If you have noticed that you have chipped or missing grout then you need to look into getting it fixed. When you have missing or chipped grout, water will get into it and the water will seep through to the subfloor. When this happens, it can cause extensive damage over time. Silver State Floor Restoration can perfectly match the existing grout color and get it fixed so you don’t have anymore chipped or missing grout.

Is it Necessary to Seal Grout?

If you don’t have your grout sealed you will want to do that. If you don’t, the bacteria can start to build up on your grout. Having it sealed can help with eliminating the mold and mildew from growing. Also, the sealing helps protect grout. This makes it easier for you to maintain clean grout between professional cleanings.

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We know that cleaning the bathroom is usually not someone’s favorite thing to do. When you follow these few suggestions on how to keep your bathroom clean. You will find out how much it helps in the deeper cleaning processes. When you are needing a deep grout and tile cleaning or grout repair, give Silver State Floor Restoration a call. They will come to restore your grout to the way it should be.

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