Can You Seal Marble to Protect It in Whitney, NV? What Happens if You Don’t Choose Sealing Services?

Marble is simply one of the most desirable natural stones for home’s and commercial buildings. Marble comes in a variety of color and vein patterns. It enhances the beauty of the inside of the home or commercial building. Marble is often used for countertops, floors, backsplashes and siding. Even though marble is a beautiful material to be used inside the home, it also requires a lot of care. Marble stone must be properly protected or the stone can erode, get deep scratches and more. Silver State Floor Restoration will share how to properly care for marble stone and how you can protect this precious stone in your home.

What Can Easily Damage Marble?

When it comes to investing in marble stone, most people assume it is indestructible. It is stone after all. However, marble is actually a very soft and rather sensitive stone. Marble is prone to scratches, stains, and will erode. Marble should never come in contact with certain substances that contain high levels of acidity. This can include citrus fruits, juice, coffee, wine, and vinegar. Additionally, heavy or rough items can lead to scratches and etching on the stone’s surface. Spills can also stain the stone as marble has tons of tiny pores that absorb liquids easily.

How Do You Protect Marble Surfaces?

When you invest in marble stone, you must invest in the proper care for marble. To prevent stains, scratches, or eroding, you will want to avoid exposing your marble to the things that can damage the stone. Avoid using homemade cleaners and always use proper cleaning products designed for marble stone. When spills occur, quickly clean them up and never place hot or heavy items on top of the stone as you should protect the stone first. Most importantly, you will want to ensure the stone is sealed. Marble stone needs to be sealed and will need to be resealed. Depending on the quality of sealer used, you might be able to go anywhere from six months to three years in between sealings.

What Cleaning Products are Safe to Use on Marble?

Marble also requires daily cleaning to prevent erosion and other damaging substances. Again, you will want to use cleaning products designed for marble stone. Do not use any other commercial cleaner or handmade cleaner on marble. When cleaning marble stone, avoid abrasive cleaning tools. It is best to use a soft dust mop for floors and a soft sponge and cloth for other surfaces. If over time the marble stone does develop micro scratches, which is common, you can have the marble stone polished and buffed smooth again. When the marble stone needs a deep cleaning, polishing and resealing it is best to seek out a professional service. A professional not only knows how to safely restore marble stone, but they come fully equipped with all of the tools and materials to properly restore your marble stone.

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Marble stone is beautiful and demands the proper care, cleaning, and protection. To ensure your marble stone is properly sealed and restored, contact Silver State Floor Restoration and schedule our services today.

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