Can You Use Ammonia or Bleach to Clean Tile Floor Grout in Anthem, NV? Discoloration, Fumes & More

The list of cleaning solutions out there that claim to help you keep your tile and grout clean is a long one. When it comes to cleaning several surfaces in your home, many homeowners will turn to strong chemicals like ammonia and bleach to get the job done. While they work well for many different surfaces, they aren’t the wisest choice when it comes to cleaning the grout in your tile or natural stone flooring. Silver State Floor Restoration is here to tell you why you should look beyond ammonia and bleach when choosing the best cleaner for your floors.

Ammonia & Bleach Fumes

It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to choose their household cleaners depending on how they smell. Sometimes when cleaners have a strong smell like ammonia and bleach, it doesn’t’ necessarily make them the best choice for your home. It is a myth that the stronger the smell of the cleaner, the better it is going to work. Sometimes these cleaners with a strong smell like bleach and ammonia can cause damage rather than leave you with a clean floor like you were looking for.

Grout Discoloration Caused by Ammonia & Bleach

It’s no secret that bleach and ammonia can kill some of the worst bacteria and viruses that are often found on surfaces. This doesn’t mean that they can’t cause damage to others. When these chemicals are used on the grout of your tile or natural stone flooring, it can cause significant discoloration to the grout. These cleaners also work to erode your grout away if they are used constantly. One more reason you should avoid them all together on a grouted surface is because they often leave a film on the porous surface that ends up actually attracting dirt rather than keeping the grout cleaner.

Check the PH Before Choosing a Cleaner

When choosing the right cleaner for your floor, you need to know what the pH of the cleaner is before using it. The pH scale goes from 0 to 14. Chemicals that are 8-14 are considered alkaline and anything between 0-6 is acidic. If the cleaner has a pH of 7 it is neutral. Bleach and ammonia fall between 11 and 13 on the pH scale. Because they are alkaline cleaners, they can cut through grease and grime extremely effectively. The problem with that is that they also cause discoloration to your grout. You need an acidic cleaner to help you get your grout clean. Vinegar is actually one of the most effective cleaners coming in with a pH of 3.

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Because grout is such a porous surface, it is more important than ever to have it professionally cleaned and sealed regularly to keep it from sustaining damage. At Silver State Floor Restoration, we offer tile and grout cleaning and sealing services that will leave your floors beautiful as well as protected. Call us today!

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