Why is My White Grout Turning Brown in Desert Shores, NV? Causes of Grout Discoloration & How to Restore

Did you once have clean white grout lines that now look brown? Many people wonder why white or even gray grout lines turn brown over time. Even with the homeowner’s best efforts to keep their grout lines clean, over time they still become brown. Silver State Floor Restoration will share why white grout turns brown and what you can do to keep your white or gray grout lines their proper color.

Causes of Grout Discoloration

Grout is a very porous material and acts much like a sponge. Grout soaks up and grips onto any substance that it comes in contact with. Grout in the kitchen or bathroom is exposed to food, drink, soap and grease, which can become easily trapped in the grout. Over time the grout line builds up with all of the grime it is exposed to. This is what turns the grout line brown. Many homeowners will attempt to clean their grout line very frequently to prevent the grout line turning brown. However, even with daily cleaning, grout lines can still turn brown. This fact may be very confusing to some. The truth is that a number of cleaning detergents can leave residue on the grout which acts like a glue. Grout lines in the bathroom will turn brown when mold or mildew begins to form inside the pores of the grout. Since grout has deep pores it can be hard to get a cleaner deep inside the grout to kill and remove all of the mold or mildew once they begin to form. Over time mold and mildew can over grow the grout lines, leaving them brown and even smelly. Mold and mildew produce a musty like odor, which is actually tiny spores in the air that you are breathing in.

How to Restore Brown Grout to White

When grout turns brown there are two major solutions. The first solution is to seek out a professional tile and grout cleaning service. A professional grout cleaning service can use a variety of grout cleaning methods such as low-pressure vapor cleaning that can reach deep in the pores of the grout and remove the mold, mildew and grime that is trapped. A professional grout cleaner can better clean your home’s grout. The second option is to remove the grout and then re-grout the tile. With a fresh line of grout you can have a fresh start where you can better maintain your home’s grout. However, both methods of removing the brown grout is useless unless you seal your home’s tile and grout. To prevent your grout from turning brown, you will want to seal the grout and tile. Since grout is so porous it is a losing battle to keep grout clean. By sealing the grout you place a protective layer over the grout covering the pores. By sealing your tile and grout, you not only keep the grout from turning brown, it is also much easier to clean. With a sealer it is much easier to keep the tile and grout clean and free of grease, mold, mildew, and the grime.

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