Cleaning of Natural Stone Flooring Materials in Mountain’s Edge, NV; Best Cleaners, Sealing Process & More

Tile and grout are common in most homes, at least in high-moisture areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens, and many people also prefer tile in the laundry room and entry way as well. It is safe to say many homes could have combination of natural stone tile and man-made tile due to the countless options of tile. Both of these man-made tiles and natural tiles require separate care. We at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to further elaborate on the maintenance and cleaning of natural stone versus man-made tile. Offering homeowners the beauty and unique design for their floors, there are no two pieces of natural stone tile are identical. You can see degrees of low to high variations in the shading, veining, and colors depending on the type of stone. Slate, travertine, marble, limestone, granite and quartzite the common natural stone tiles used in homes, among others. The ceramic and porcelain are commonly chosen from man-made tile options, people those who are looking for a uniformed and customized style.

Sealing Natural Stone Tile

Being one of the biggest differences between natural stone and man-made tile, natural stone requires sealants. The installer applies sealant to the tile and after it is grouted, will apply another coat of sealant typically. The sealant eventually wears out, and over time due to the foot traffic and cleaning routines, however. Depending on the surrounding circumstances, before it is completely dissolved 1-2 times a year, homeowners should ensure their tile and grout is sealed. The sealants are applied to act as a barrier of protection to prevent moisture, soil, and other contaminates from absorbing into the tile and grout. The grout and tile quickly become worn, dingy, and dull looking without the sealers. Pour no more than an ounce of water to the tile and grout in different places, and if the water absorbs under a minute, you need to reseal it. Ensure the floor is deep cleaned first, no matter if you hire a professional or do it yourself, otherwise you will trap the gunk under the sealer. After you clean them before applying the sealer, the floors will need to be completely dry as well. Investing in professional deep cleaning and sealing service is recommended to guarantee efficient results.

Cleaning Natural Stone Tile & Grout

Though they are often generalized, natural stone cleaners can be formulated specific to the type of natural stone you have. These cleaners are optimal on both natural and man-made tile because the standard natural stone cleaner is not harsh enough to deplete the sealer or cause damage to the tile or grout. Without causing unnecessary harm, they will effectively clean the tile and grout.

Is Vinegar Safe for Natural Stone Tile & Grout

Never use vinegar on your tile and grout if you typically turn to DIY methods for cleaning. Over long-term use potential damage to tile and grout will develop due to the acidic nature will eat through the sealer. Squeegee the water off the shower and backsplashes after each use to better protect your tile and grout from mildew and mold growth. By using your exhaust fans, ensure you wipe up the excessive water from the floors and where applicable you control the moisture content. In addition to the professional deep cleans 1-2 times a year, keep your tile and grout looking their best, be sure to remove the debris daily, and thoroughly mop your tile and grout once a week.

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To keep your tile and grout in optimal condition, Silver State Floor Restoration, we specialize in tile and understand which stones need polishing, honing, sealing and can ensure the deepest professional clean possible. For your tile and grout maintenance and cleaning services, call us today.

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