Could You Be Damaging Your Natural Stone Tile Floors & Countertops in North Las Vegas, NV?

Once you have paid to have beautiful stone floors installed in your home, you should be doing all you can to care for them. Just like you would not intentionally wreck your car or bleach your clothes you wouldn’t ruin your stone floors. You may not be doing it intentionally but you could be damaging them and you may not even know. Stone floors are a great option but they need to be carefully cared for and you should know what you are doing to damage them so you can stop doing it right away. Silver State Floor Restoration lists ways you could be damaging your stone tile floors.

What Causes Natural Stone Floor & Countertop Damage?

Mud: You could be traipsing in mud on your shoes. When you walk in the house onto the stone floors you could be causing damage that cannot be repaired. The best thing to do is to have a mat outside the door that is sturdy enough for anyone stopping over to wipe their feet off. This will eliminate a lot of the ice and mud that would have otherwise come into your home.
Using the Wrong Natural Stone Tile Cleaner: You may be new to stone tile floors or maybe you never knew, but you need to be careful with the cleaner that you choose to clean your floors with. There are some cleaners that are not made for stone floors and have a lot of acidic properties. The problem with store bought cleaners and even homemade cleaners that are full of acidic properties is that they can actually harm the floors. They tend to get under that sealant and pull it up from the stone. This will then leave your stone floor open to staining. The better option is to use water and vinegar that is great to clean, disinfect and leave the floors streak free.
Not Using Coasters on Natural Stone Countertops: Stone is not just great for tile floors but can be used on countertops too. This adds a beautiful look and texture to your home. The biggest mistake that people make when they have stone counters is they don’t use a coaster. When your drink has condensation it can set on the counter causing damage to the stone itself. Using a coaster is a great way to protect your stone counters and prevent stains from glasses.
Furniture Can Damage Your Stone Floors: You probably have a table and chairs in your dining room or around your bar that you use to sit. When you want to sit down you pull out a chair then slide it back in. This motion can easily damage the stone floors and leave dents and scratches on the floor. The damage can’t be reversed easily and the stone floors may even need to be replaced. You can use felt chair pads to attach to the feet of any piece of furniture that is going to be moving on the stone floors.

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