DIY Grout Mistakes in Silverado Ranch, NV; What Happens if You Wait Too Long to Wipe Grout & More

There are many things that people think they can do themselves. Watching videos on the Internet can make things helpful in so many ways so that you learn how to do things yourself. But when it comes to re-grouting, it is not always a good idea to try to DIY and follow the internet. Silver State Floor Restoration outlines some of the problems you may run into below.

DIY Grouting is Not as Easy as You May Think

Watching DIY videos may make it seem easy by just adding a little water. But re-grouting can be a complicated process with a very detailed level of work. You will want to use certain tools that you may not have, along with the time. It is not always a quick and simple process. It does take time and work.

You May Break the Tile

Re-grouting your tile can be very precise work. You need to use special tools to remove those fine grout lines that are in between the tiles. Because it is such a fine line if you make a mistake, it can easily crack, loosen, or gouge your tile. So, not only are you now replacing the grout but you also have to replace the tile. You could end up spending more money on repairs and replacing your tile than it would have cost just to hire a professional.

Grouting Costs More to Replace when Damaged

If you are not precise on re-grouting, not only can you ruin the tiles, but you could create a hole in the floor or drywall, or even gouge your tub or toilet. These damages would end up costing you more to repair than you had planned for this area you are working on. The best way to avoid all of these mishaps from happening is to hire a professional to come and re-grout. They have experience and the correct tools to do so.

Regrouting Takes Time

Re-grouting is not as easy as a video may seem. It is not a quick and easy job. You do not want to rush it because you can damage other places that you are working around. Because re-grouting is such a precise job, it takes a lot of time. Time that you may not have between your job, kids, and life. If you add up the cost of supplies, plus your time, you are not necessarily saving any money doing it yourself versus hiring a professional.

You Could Injure Yourself Regrouting

If you are not experienced in the tools that need to be used for pre-grouting, you could seriously injure yourself. It is very easy to cut your hand at a minimum while re-grouting your tile. But you could also injure yourself more seriously and end up in the emergency room. The risk of injuring yourself while re-grouting your tile at home is not worth an emergency bill.

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Leave it to the professionals to regrout your tile. It makes it so much easier on you. You can avoid the mistakes outlined above. Plus, it doesn’t take up your time and energy. Give Silver State Floor Restoration a call and we will come and re-grout your tile. A helpful tip is to keep your tile and grout clean by calling us to clean and maintain it too. This can help keep your tile and grout healthy so it does not need to be replaced as soon.

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