DIY Maintenance & Professional Deep Cleaning of Ceramic Floor Tile & Grout in North Las Vegas, NV

Homes are often finished in ceramic tile. They are attractive and maintenance is easy. With incredible advantages, many people opt for ceramic tile for their durability, and can resist the extra wear caused from pets. With water resistance, they are good in high-moisture areas and even high-traffic areas. Ceramic tile is slip resistant when finished with an abrasive glaze. Ceramic tile, unlike other options, do not fade from direct sunlight. Ceramic tiles are derived from the right mixture of sand, clay and natural products, shaped and then fired in a kiln. Though most people prefer the glazed tiles, they are offered unglazed as well. Today, we at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to share how to effectively clean the ceramic tile and grout in your home or business.

Daily Cleaning of Ceramic Tile

To help prevent scratch marks, sweep the floor or vacuum (with the beater bar off on bare floor setting). Consider placing a rug in the high traffic areas, and where ceramic tile meets an entrance, be sure to have a walk-off mat in place for both indoor and outdoor use. Be sure to ask the family to wipe their feet on both before heading to their destination in the home.

How to Clean Ceramic Tile Weekly

After the daily sweeping, the ceramic tiles need to be washed down. To gently mop the tile, prepare a bucket of hot water and a small dose of mild dish detergent. Sponge mops have a tendency to push the grime into the grout, so experts recommend the use of a mop head to clean the floors. When the water looks cloudy or dirty, change the solution. Otherwise the floors will have a dull-gray residue glazing the surface. Once the floors have been completely mopped, wipe the excess water dry with a clean, dry towel. When any spills do occur, be sure to treat the messes with a damp cloth treated from the hot water and mild dish detergent. It is important to know that grout is always in tandem with any kind of tile as it holds the tile in place. Grout is especially porous, and in order for the tile to look good, the grout needs to be equally kept. Stains and dinginess are inevitable due to the porous nature of grout. To resist staining and discoloration, the grout should be sealed.

Professional Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning

When it comes to the professional cleaning, determining how often you should get them done has a few factors. Residential cleaning should be done every 4-12 months where busy commercial cleaning may need 2-3 cleanings a year. Foot traffic plays a role as well. If you feel the tile and grout is looking dull and dingy, a professional cleaning will restore the shine and cleanliness. The professionals can perform a deep clean to extract the deep-rooted soil, moisture, and other remnants to make the tile and grout beautiful.

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When you need your ceramic or any other tile and grout cleaned and/or sealed, call in the professionals of Silver State Floor Restoration and let our experts do the rest.

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