Do Steam Mops Work for Tile Floors in Desert Shores, NV? Clean, Sanitize Without Floor Cleaner & More

Each and every day people across the world take their time to carefully clean their homes. Every surface of your home needs to be cleaned regularly in order for your home to stay looking nice and clean. Counters, sinks, toilets, mirrors, flooring, and more all have their own unique method to help them get nice and clean. One method that many people use to clean their flooring is a steam mop. Here at Silver State Floor Restoration we frequently get asked if steam mops are a good option for cleaning your flooring.

Steam Mops Clean, Sanitize & Disinfect

Steam mops do indeed effectively clean many different types of flooring. They have some definite perks for certain types of flooring. First, steam mops clean and disinfect your floors at the same time. Traditional mops do not disinfect your floors like a steam mop does. For many people this is the perk that draws them to choosing a steam mop over a traditional mop.

Clean Tile Quickly with a Steam Mop

Another advantage is that steam mops are able to clean your floor without you having to work as hard. With a traditional mop you may have to pass over a stain multiple times to get it out. With a steam mop one or two times over it usually gets rid of the problem area.

Steam Mops Don’t Use Any Floor Cleaner

One more benefit of steam mops is that they do not use any cleaning supplies. Many times when people use a traditional mop they use a chemical mixed with their water to get their floors thoroughly cleaned. Using chemicals can leave your home smelling like a large chemical. When you are able to clean your floors with just water your house will not have that chemical smell.

Do Steam Mops Work on Hardwood Floors?

There are some disadvantages to steam mops as well. If you use a steam mop on the wrong type of flooring you will damage your flooring. Any type of wood flooring is not the right fit for a steam mop. The steam will get in between the planks and damage your floor. The steam will warp your flooring. Steam mops are excellent choices for ceramic tile, porcelain tile, marble tile, and concrete floors. The steam mop works well at pulling the dirt, grease, and stains off of these surfaces. It will clean the flooring and leave it streak-free and disinfected.
You do want to make suet that you do not leave the steam mop in one area for an excessively large amount of time. The excessive heat could cause damage to surfaces that would not normally be damaged by the steam mop.

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Even with the best of care your floors with end up with deep dirt and stains that you simply cannot get out. That is where Silver State Floor Restoration comes in. We can come out and help you clean all of the hard floor and countertop surfaces in your home. We can also polish and shine your flooring so that it looks just like the day it was first installed again. Give us a call today to set up your appointment.

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