How to Clean, Polish, Seal & Rejuvenate Terrazzo Tile Floors, Shower Bases & More in Anthem, NV

Terrazzo tile floor is readily available among consumers and being inexpensive and durable, it is being used more and more. To help you keep your terrazzo tile floor looking amazing for years to come, we at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to share a few tips and suggestions on proper care and maintenance.

What is Terrazzo Tile?

To create a smooth, luxurious flooring material that captures the elegance of marble in a more affordable way, terrazzo is a composite material of marble chips and concrete or resin combined. For an even more marbled appearance, terrazzo is usually composed of two-parts marble chips and one-part binder, which is either concrete or resin, and extra chips may be scattered on the top of the mixture. To alter the appearance beyond marble, special mixtures of terrazzo may also use mother of pearl or abalone shell.

Terrazzo Sealer Polish

The binder in terrazzo is typically porous and subject to stains, especially for flooring applications. To help stop substances penetrating and staining the surface, terrazzo is sealed. Not only applied at the time of installation, but sealer should be stripped and reapplied periodically to keep the floor looking new. Wax should be avoided on terrazzo floor as it can cause the floor to be dangerously slippery, and the waxy buildup makes the floor’s polished sheen look dull.

How to Clean Terrazzo Floors

1) Remove loose dirt, crumbs, and other debris with a soft-bristle broom and to manage the dust, a dust mop works well. Daily if possible or sweep as often as possible.
2) To wash the surface, use plain water or a neutral pH cleaner to wet mop the spots and residues. Never use acidic or alkaline-based cleaners. If you use a cleaner, ensure it specifically states it is designed for terrazzo tile.
3) Follow up to rinse the filthy residues brought to the surface with clean water. Be sure to dry and buff the floor to restore its shine.

Professional Maintenance of Terrazzo Flooring

On average, terrazzo tile floors need to be cleaned by a professional once a year, but it can require additional professional cleaning periodically throughout the year depending on the foot traffic. Professionals can clean, strip the old sealer and reapply a fresh sealer to protect the floors, keep them in pristine condition, and looking gorgeous. Additionally, if the terrazzo is in need of a polish, a professional can get that treatment completed efficiently as well.

Additional Terrazzo Cleaning Tips

To keep the floor looking its best, apply the additional cleaning tips to your regiment.
1) Oil-based cleaner or stain remover should never be used. Discolor terrazzo flooring can be permanently discolored with oil products.
2) Perform a test at an inconspicuous area first to check for discoloration when using commercial cleaning product, even if the label reads it is specially formulated for terrazzo floors.
3) Immediately wipe up any spills and protect high traffic areas as well as near the refrigerator or stove with mats or rugs.
4) Avoid long-term buildup of dust, dirt, and debris in addition to avoid staining and excessive spots on your floor by establishing a regular cleaning schedule.

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