Do Water Rings & Etch Marks Come Out of Marble in North Las Vegas, NV? How Do You Remove These Stains?

You see a mark on your marble and don’t know exactly what it is or what to do. It could be an etch mark or a water deposit mark. So how do you know the difference? Silver State Floor Restoration is here to help you know the difference and what you can do to fix both of them.

What Do Etch Marks on Marble Look Like?

An etch mark on your marble is a mark from some type of acid that got in contact with your marble. A lot of the time it happens from an object that has an acid content in it. When that acid is left on your marble it can leave a physical mark on the marble. That acidic agent will actually start to dissolve your marble. So then if you run your finger over the mark you most likely will be able to feel a slight indent in the marble where the mark is

How Do I Remove Etch Marks

When it comes to removing an etch mark, it can be a pretty easy process. You will want your surface to be clean, then put marble polish powder on the mark. Then add water to it. Using a spray bottle is probably the best way to go when adding the water. Then with a damp cloth scrub it off, usually, you will scrub for about 20 seconds. Remember to not scrub too hard, you do not want to put more etch marks on your marble. To prevent more etch marks, you will want to use a light, fast scrub. Then of course use your marble cleaner when you have removed the etch mark.

What Causes Water Marks on Marble?

Water deposits on marble often comes from hard water being left on your marble. Hard water will leave calcium and magnesium after it dries, causing it to start to build up. Once it has started to build up, it will then make it easier for more hard water to build upon your marble. The hard water that is on your marble will start to make your marble look dull. Many people confuse an etch mark for hard water. You can tell the difference by the way they feel. When it is hard water the surface will have a bump instead of an indent.

How Do You Get Water Rings Off Marble?

If you have a water deposit on your marble you can try and use steel wool #0000 and gently rub off the hard water. Also, when it comes to cleaning hard water off of your marble you can use a marble cleaner and a cloth to address the problem. This way is good when you have a lot of build-up or even have soap mixed in with the water deposit.

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Following these few tips will help you make your marble look nice and fix the problems you are having with it. But if it is not cleaning up as you had hoped, give Silver State Floor Restoration a call. We are more than happy to come out and clean your marble and make it look beautiful again.

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