Travertine Care in Mountain’s Edge, NV; DIY Cleaning Can Hurt Fragile Natural Stone, Why Sealing is Needed & More

Travertine is an excellent option to choose as your flooring. Its beauty comes from its many imperfections and flaws. No two pieces of travertine are ever exactly the same. However, like all flooring, travertine requires regular care and maintenance to ensure that polished, clean look. Travertine stone is very porous and brittle, compared to many of the other tougher stones that are often used for flooring. Due to its fragility, cleaning a travertine floor tile can often prove to be somewhat challenging. For example, you must avoid using harsh cleaners and detergents with high levels of acidity, even if the travertine has been professionally sealed. If fact, any household cleaner with high acidity levels should be avoided at all costs.

DIY Cleaning can Damage Travertine

Some consumers have tried their own home made cleaning solutions, using vinegar and lemon. These do it yourself cleaning concoctions have been known to damage your travertine tiles. Travertine is highly sensitive to acid and the tiles will become etched, dull and damaged.

Fragile and Porous Travertine

Because travertine is more fragile and porous than granite, marble, ceramic or other types of stone, it’s best to have your flooring sealed at least once a year. Keep in mind that sealing travertine will not reduce the occurrence of etching. However, it will help reduce stains, while safeguarding against the little particles of dust, dirt and debris that can get trapped inside the tiny travertine pores, dulling the shine of your floor. If travertine tiles have not been completely filled then naturally they will have small to medium holes on the surface which are the result of gases escaping as the travertine is formed. Even though these holes show the amazing natural look of the travertine, they quite easily and quickly fill with dirt and dust. In most cases these holes cannot be cleaned by hand and require professional treatment.

Regular Travertine Wear and Tear

The regular wear and tear of daily living will affect the shine of your travertine. Dust and mud being tracked in from the outdoors, heavy traffic areas, pets and improper floor care will dull the look of your travertine. Silver State Floor Restoration provides excellent travertine polishing and honing services that will put a brand new shine on your travertine floor.

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Travertine sealing treatments should always be performed by an experienced and reputable professional. Silver State Floor Restoration has the experience to seal and maintain your travertine floors. We will seal, clean, hone and polish your travertine, turning your dull looking floor into a beautiful display of sheen travertine. Silver State Floor Restoration provides professional and courteous service, for all of your floor restoration needs. Call us today!

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