All About the Grout in Inspirada, NV; Why is Grout Turning Darker Over Time, Does Sealer Darken It?

Newly Cleaned Floor

A newly cleaned tile floor can dramatically change a home from looking average to looking absolutely amazing. At the same time, a tile floor that has dirty or discolored grout can leave your home looking much older than it really is and feeling grungy like a dungeon. Silver State Floor Restoration will clean, replace and restore your grout; making your floor shine with the confidence of a brand new floor. Silver State Floor Restoration will make you a proud home owner.

Darkening of Grout over Time

Tile and grout is a popular covering for floors, especially kitchen and bathroom floors. As tile floors age, the grout becomes darker and darker. The reason this occurs is because the porous grout absorbs grease and dirt. This grimy build up can breed bacteria, germs, mold, odors, and mildew. Every time you mop your floor, more filth gets packed into the lower lying grout, slowly deteriorating your floors appearance. This accumulation of grime happens so gradually that is it usually not noticed until your grout takes on a dark, disgusting and murky color.

Grout Sealing & Coloring

It is recommended that a premium clear penetrating sealer is applied to a newly laid floor. Unfortunately we find that this important step in floor installation is rarely taken. Clear sealers are used on grout when you want to keep the original appearance and same color. Silver State Floor Restoration offers color sealers for your flooring. A color seal application may be desirable if you want to change the color of your grout or if your grout has been heavily stained. In most cases you can have a new or different look without all the mess and inconvenience that comes with installing a new tile floor. Not only does it cut back on the mess, but also on the overall cost.

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Silver State Floor Restoration specializes in cleaning your grout, making your floor shine and leaving you feeling like a new floor was just installed. Call Silver State Floor Restoration for professional grout cleaning and sealing. We will not disappoint you with our service, skills and wide variety of options to make your floor look amazing.

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