What Should You Not Do to Natural Stone in Henderson, NV; Use Abrasive Cleaners, Neglect Cleaning & More

Knowing what to avoid is just as important as knowing the basic cleaning and maintenance when it comes to the care of your stone floor. We at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to take the opportunity to list important “do nots” when it comes to the care of your stone tile flooring in an effort to help you avoid any negative impacts they cause.

Avoid Use of Abrasive/ Harsh Cleaners

Stone tile can be broken down by harsh cleaners. Only use cleaners that are specifically labeled for them for use on your specific type of stone. Use water only should you be unsure. Being critical to the longevity and condition of your tile, avoid cleaners that contain abrasive ingredients like lemon juice, vinegar, or commercial products that include these ingredients. Double check the label and ensure it fits the criteria for your floor, even if the cleaner is something you use all the time on other areas of your home. It is common for manufacturers to alter ingredients.

Not Sticking to a Routine Cleaning Schedule is a Mistake

From the bottom of your shoes and pet’s paws, every day, dirt and debris is being tracked on the floors. Dust settles from being circulated in the air, and other drops can add to the debris on the floors. Stubborn stains can develop that is a challenge to remove from the particulate buildup on the nooks and crannies. Debris is known to wear sealants and polish down and leave behind scratches and other eyesores as well. To ensure the floors stay clean, and the condition and longevity is managed, you want to sweep, dust mop, or vacuum to ensure the floors stay clean.

Insufficient Vacuuming of Stone Floors

Using the vacuum to clean their stone tile floors is often the preferred method. While you are busy cleaning, the wrong vacuum can cause damage. As worn or damaged wheels can create nicks and scratches on the surface as it scrapes and drags, wheels need to be in good repair. Be sure your vacuum is set it to bare floors so the beater bar is not operating as it can cause damage or use a vacuum specifically designed for hard surface floors.

Use of Scouring Pads & Brushes Can Damage Natural Stone

You may be tempted to put some elbow grease into removing them when stains or other tough marks develop on your stone floors. You can cause damage if you use the scouring pads or hard-bristled brushes for washing down the floor. When cleaning the stone floors, be certain to only use the appropriate cleaners with soft cloths.

Allowing Hot Items on Countertops is Bad

Especially in the kitchen, more of a bigger risk to stone countertops than floors, but still worth mentioning, hot items should be avoided. More serious damage can result with boiling water spills or dropping hot food. When using heater or other appliances that contact the stone floor be cautious.

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Make certain not neglect regularly scheduled professional cleaning as well. For your cleaning, sealing, and polishing needs, call Silver State Floor Restoration. To deliver quality services for your stone tile, our experts are more than qualified. Our professionals can keep your tile looking amazing and in better condition with the cleaning and sanitizing.

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