Why is My Tile Floor Still Dirty After I Mop in Green Valley Ranch, NV? Not Cleaning Often Enough & More

Having clean floors matter to most homeowners. In addition to looking amazing, a pristine floor won’t harbor any nasty bacteria which could cause health complaints for you and your family. You will be able to walk barefoot and even let your kids crawl around without a care in the world when you know the floor is clean. We opt for seemingly easy-to-clean choices like tiles because the quest for the perfect flooring is so real for many of us. After all, carpets can be tough to clean and standard vacuuming can leave nasties hiding in those fibers. Especially considering you scrub it regularly, you may imagine no such thing would be possible with your tiled alternative. However, when your best efforts at tile cleanliness are missing the mark, it’s possible the grouting between your tiles is as much a trap for bacteria as carpet fibers, even if you don’t know it. Sometimes, you may even see darkening or dirt no amount of scrubbing can get rid of. Though there are a number of causes to the residual filth left behind, a deep professional cleaning every 6 to 12 months really is necessary. Today, we at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to list the top causes of why your tile and grout still appear dirty after you have washed them.

Why Does My Tile Floor Always Feel Dirty?

1) The tools and products are ineffective. Getting your tiles right comes down to the tools and chemicals you use, as with any cleaning job. You probably do not have the stuff you need, unless you have a fortune to spend, as with the trouble with that. With a unique pressure washing machine which penetrates every last gap and forces those nasties out, your tile and grout can be better cleaned. Once the filths come to the surface, the equipment is powerful enough the extract the filth to avoid contaminating the floors. The key to clean tiles at last and a benefit you would struggle to find with even a standard pressure washer, and this, paired with industrial grade chemicals you will never find at your local store.
2) The job is not completed fast enough. Before you are finished, you can bet the other side of the room will be dirty again if you take too long on this task. There will not be time for dirt to build in cleaned areas with the pressure washers we mentioned, as professionals can clean tiles in half the time.
3) You are not cleaning the floors often enough. Floors will naturally accumulate dirt, debris, and even residues. If they are not cleaned daily, the filth will buildup. When you do get to the floors, the buildup may not be easily removed in its entirety, leaving the floors not as clean as you would like.

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For your deep cleaning needs in the Las Vegas Valley, call in the professionals of Silver State Floor Restoration. Though your efforts are ideal and good to maintain, you still need deep professional cleaning at least once a year. Call us today to schedule your cleaning and maintenance service.

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