Does Bathroom Tile Grouting Need to Be Sealed & Resealed in Green Valley Ranch, NV?

If you are like most people, they know what kind of tile and grout they like but they don’t know much more than that. Maybe you just installed beautiful tiles and grout throughout your house. Or you just moved into a house that has it in the kitchen and bathroom. Whatever your situation is getting your tile and grout sealed is a very important part of having tile and grout. Why do you need to seal your grout? Silver State Floor Restoration answers this important question below.

Why is Grout Sealing Necessary?

Grout and tile are natural stones and earth-built products. These products like ceramic, natural stone, and cement are very porous. This means that it has very tiny holes that are on your tile and grout just like the pores on your skin. Anything such as water, oils, chemicals, soaps, acid, or even salt can get inside it and can cause your tile and grout to discolor and prematurely crack and break.

What is Chemical Grouting Sealant?

The chemical base is the most common form of grout sealant. There are three common types of chemical grout sealant. There are petroleum distillate, silicone-based, and fluoropolymer. These chemical sealants are great for protecting your grout and will last for years or even decades depending on the product quality.

What is Natural Grout Sealer?

A natural-based grout sealant is oil-based. This is because oil repels water, it is perfect for not letting the water soak into your grout. These oil-based grouts use, soy oil, linseed oil, tung oil, etc. Oil-based sealants are effective, but they are not as durable or reliable as the chemical sealant. You will have to reseal more often, especially and high traffic areas.

Why Should You Seal Bathroom Floor Tiles

It is a large investment to put tile and grout in your bathroom. Your bathroom is used daily with a lot of moisture and water, because the bathroom contains so much moisture and traffic it is important that you hire a professional to come and seal your tile and grout. When a professional seals your tile and grout, it helps extend the life of it. It will also help prevent staining and discoloring. Plus, it reduces the chances of mold and mildew growth, making it easier to clean your bathroom floor. With tile being a huge investment, taking care of it and getting a good sealant on it is very important.

Best Way to Apply Tile Grout Sealer

Depending on the size of the area many professionals may use a spray system. This is mainly for large or outdoor areas. If you are sealing your bathroom, it is usually done by hand. If you just installed a new tile, it is usually applied after installation. But you do need to reseal your tile and grout over time. It is very common for a premix sealant to be put on your tile and grout with a soft cloth. You always want to allow the maximum recommended time for the sealant to soak into the grout and tile. Then wipe it clean.

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Laying tile and grout can be pricey. Because you have spent that kind of money on your home, you want to protect it as long as possible. Using a sealant on your tile and grout can help it to last for many years. If you have just laid tile, make sure that they have put a sealant on it. If it has been a while, call Silver State Floor Restoration to come and reseal your tile and grout.

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