Does Colored Grout Sealer Work in Desert Shores, NV? Should I Seal Myself or Hire a Pro?

There is always a question to do it yourself or hire a professional. Many people like to do things themselves thinking it is cheaper and easier and they enjoy the project. But hiring a professional can save you time and the worry of doing something wrong. So, when it comes to color sealing your grout what is the better option? Silver State Floor Restoration delves into this below.

Why Professional Grout Cleaning?

Professional cleaning can cost money, so why should you do it? When you clean your house at the basic level you vacuum, mop, and clean the top surface. When you’re mopping you’re pushing around the dirt that can often get down inside the grout. When you hire a professional to clean your floor they can clean your floor and your grout helping make the grout look better when clean. A professional can also do grout color sealing.

What is Grout Color Sealing?

Even when using a professional cleaning sometimes your grout does not look as good or new as you were hoping. This is when grout color stealing comes into play. Color sealing can restore the look of your grout. You can choose the color of your grout. Sometimes changing the color can help change the style of your home. The color grout sealer can fully case the old grout giving it a brand-new color. With the sealer, it can help keep dirt and debris from getting inside your grout.

DIY Grout Sealer

If you like doing things yourself because you believe it saves you money then there are cheaper options that you could afford. You can go to your local hardware store and pick up a concrete or deck sealer. This will get the job done but the downside is that it is a lower-quality sealer. This means that its life for protecting your grout is shorter. It is a thinner compound and you can only expect a few years of it protecting your grout. But it is a lower cost and a great option if your grout is not badly discolored but just needs a refresher.

Professional Grout Sealer

If your grout needs more help than a little refresher then having a professional do your grout sealing may be the way you want to go. There is an acrylic sealer, which is thicker and can cover more area. It will help better protect from stains and dirt in the grout, but it can be more expensive. If you try to do this sealer by yourself it can take a lot of time. We recommend hiring a professional service to help seal the grout.

Benefits of Professional Color Sealing

You need to open the pores of your grout before you do a color sealing. To open up the pores you need to use a professional-grade acid or alkaline solution. If this is not used the sealing will not last because of all the residue that can be left on your grout. If you are not a professional this acid is dangerous and could cost you thousands in damage if not used correctly. Hiring a professional to do the job will get the job done correctly without causing more work for you or causing damage to your home. A professional has the equipment and machinery they need to help get this job done correctly and quickly.

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