What Does Calcium Buildup Look Like in Shower in Eldorado, NV? How Do You Remove?

Over time you start to notice that your shower does not look as nice as it once did. You notice the calcium deposit has started to build up. You are ready to treat this calcium deposit and get rid of it so that you can get your shower looking nice again. So how do you treat calcium deposits? And what is a calcium deposit? Silver State Floor Restoration is here to teach you a little bit about calcium deposits and the best way to treat them.

What Causes Calcium Buildup in Shower?

The reason why you get calcium deposits on your shower tiles is because of hard water. When hard water sits on the tiles then calcium deposits will start to build up and over time will start to make your stone surface look dirty and dull. Bathroom showers are a huge concern for homeowners because of this. Most people shower daily, and when water hits your tile it will only take a few months to start having the calcium buildup. You need to try to wipe down the tiles, this can slow the process of calcium deposit.

How Do You Remove Calcification from Shower Tiles?

You need to be careful when cleaning calcium deposits. Before you buy cleaning products you need to know what type of stone you have. If you have ceramic or porcelain tiles then you are probably okay to use a little more harsh cleaner. If you have granite, slate, or other silicate-based stone then you may be able to use a very mild acidic cleaner. But you still should be very careful. If you have any other type of natural stone the smartest thing is to hire a professional to help clean the calcium deposit. If you try to clean the natural stones by yourself it could ruin the stone. Then you would want to call a professional anyway. Before trying to clean the stone by yourself call a professional and find out your options.

How Do You Remove Stubborn Calcium from Shower Tiles?

If you were going to try to clean the calcium build-up by yourself then let’s go over a few tips that you may be able to use. But remember some DIY methods can cause damage or dullness to your natural stone. You can try to use a plastic knife to scrape off the calcium. Do not use a metal knife it will scratch your stone. Apply the cleaner to the surface until you saturate it, let it sit to soften up the calcium then use a white cloth to clean the surface. Then you need to rinse, you need to make sure you are removing the cleaning residue and if you used acid on your stone then you need to continue the process with PH balanced cleaner.

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You need to be careful with certain types of stones when you are trying to remove calcium. Porcelain or ceramic tile has a glaze finish so you do not want to use cleaners such as white vinegar or lemon juice. With marble, you can use a PH-neutral cleaner or non-acidic soap. Whatever type of stone you have, you want it to be clean and free from calcium. The best and safest way is to hire a professional such as one from Silver State Floor Restoration. We can deep clean your shower tile and remove the calcium.

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