Does Sealing Tile & Grout Make it Waterproof in North Las Vegas, NV? Benefits of Hard Floor Sealer

Are you considering sealing your tile and grout? Most people consider tile durable and believe that it does not require extra protection. However, there are a lot of benefits to sealing tile and grout. When sealing tile and grout there are a few things to consider and know. Some homeowners expect either too little or too much from a sealer. To help you understand everything you need to know about sealing your tile and grout, Silver State Floor Restoration will share some of the key points about sealers.

Does Tile & Grout Need to Be Sealed?

When you think about sealing the tile floor, most people focus on the tile only. However the grout is very important and is one of the weak points in the flooring. In some cases there are just grout line sealer or tile sealers. When you want to seal your tile, whether it is on the floor, walls or countertops, it is beneficial to seal both. The entire surface benefits from a sealer and both should be sealed to extend the life of both the tile and grout.

How Do I Know if I Need to Seal My Tile & Grout?

Sealing the tile helps to protect and strengthen the tile from impacts, stains, and dirt. When sealing your tile you will need to know if you have ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone tile. All tile benefits from a sealer. However, natural stone requires a sealer. Natural stone tile will need to be sealed and or resealed every six months to prevent damage to the stone. Ceramic and porcelain tile can go longer between sealers as they are not as sensitive as natural stone. Ceramic and porcelain tile can go once a year between sealers.

Does Sealing Grout Make it Waterproof?

The grout is the weakest point when it comes to tile. Grout is extremely porous and it can break apart over time or become damaged due to heavy water exposure. Sealer greatly helps to protect the grout. When cleaning tile and grout, bacteria can get captured inside the grout lines. The bacteria will lead to mold, mildew, or grease build up. To help protect your grout make sure to keep it sealed and waterproof to stop these contaminants from degrading it.

Benefits of Tile & Grout Sealer

Where natural stone needs a sealer, and ceramic and porcelain tile benefits from a sealer, all should be sealed. A sealer primarily keeps moisture out of the tile which is essential for natural stone. However, all tile is water or stain proof which means spills are much easier to clean. Dirt, grease or soap residue is also much easier to clean, including along the grout line. With a sealer your tile is easier to clean and it stays clean longer. A sealer also helps to bring out the tile’s beauty and color. A sealer helps provide the shiny finish that makes all tile look so much better. A sealer can also help extend the life of the tile as well as the grout.

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The best time to have tile and grout sealed is after a deep and thorough cleaning. If your tile needs a professional cleaning and sealing, contact Silver State Floor Restoration.

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