How to Make Slate Shine & Look New Again in Peccole Ranch, NV; Natural Stone Cleaning, Sealing & More

Slate stone adds a unique look to any home. Slate stone comes in many colors and has a pleasant texture. When you first install slate stone you will notice after a few months that the stone will begin to flake. This is a normal process known as spalling. After spalling you will want to start taking extra steps in preserving your slate stone. For those who are new to slate stone and want to know how to properly care for the stone, Silver State Floor Restoration will share the basics of slate stone care.

Does Slate Need to Be Sealed?

Slate stone, like most natural stone, benefits from and should always be sealed. The sealer helps protect the stone from water damage stains and scratching. Most sealers will last between six months to a year. Make sure to replenish the stone sealer on time to protect the stone and extend the stone’s life. A fast and simple way to know if you need to reseal your stone is by first pouring a small amount of water on the stone. Next, you wipe the water away. If the stone has a wet mark it is time to reseal the stone. It is recommended to always have the stone resealed by a professional service.

How Do You Make Slate Shine & Look Like New?

Each stone has its own unique composition and each type of stone has its own special needs and care. Slate stone can scratch up more easily than other stones. When slate stone develops a scratch you can apply mineral oil to help hide the scratch. With a proper sealer, slate stone should never develop a stain. However, if you forget to reseal the stone, stains may occur. If you have a stain on your slate stone you can use a stain removal poultice that is designed for stone. You can find stone stain remover in most stores. You can also make your own poultice by using flour and hydrogen peroxide to make a paste. Pour the paste over the stain to help remove the stain. You will need to leave the paste on the stain for six hours and then cover it with a plastic wrap. Use a scraper to remove the now dried paste and wipe down the area. Make sure to have the stone resealed to prevent future stains.

Are Slate Floors Easy to Maintain?

Basic guidelines as what to do when cleaning and caring for slate stones are: First use rugs and mats in areas with heavy foot traffic. This will extend the life of the sealer and ensure the stone is protected. Second, make sure to maintain the stone’s sealer. In addition, you should at least have the stone resealed once a year. For routine cleaning you can mop the floor with plain water. However, if you use a cleaner make sure it is a pH neutral product that is made for natural stone. Make sure to make a habit of wiping down spills as soon as they occur. Make sure to never drag furniture or heavy items across your slate floor and use furniture pads to protect the stone. When caring for natural stone there are things you should never do as well. Some examples are to never use an abrasive cleaner, such as vinegar, lemon, or bleach. These cleaners will ruin the stone in a very short period of time. Even type of stone, even with a sealer, stands no chance against these cleaners. Avoid using a vacuum cleaner on slate stone floors. Vacuum cleaners can and will cause scratches. Instead, use a dust mop or broom to clean the floors.

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