How Do You Maintain Natural Stone in Paradise, NV? What Cleaners are Safe for Granite, Marble & More

Nobody wants a dirty floor to greet your house guests. When people walk through your door, the floor is among the first things to catch their eye. The last thing you want is your floors looking like a mess. Silver State Floor Restoration can help you get your floor cleaned and looking brand new. But what can you do in between professional cleaning to keep your floors looking ageless? What if you spill on the floor, or have dirty kids and pets running through the house? How do you clean your stone floor after daily living creates a mess?

What Cleaners are Safe for Granite?

When cleaning granite floors daily, it is important to a gentle cleaner. Use hot water and dish soap to help clean the dirty areas. Makes sure to use a soft mop or cloth when wiping it down. Do not use powder cleaners, steel wool or colored pads, or anything that has dye in it when cleaning granite. Rough texture scrubbers can grind away your stone. Products containing dye can result in an undesirable stain.

What is the Best Thing to Clean Slate?

Just like with other natural stone floors, you want to make sure you sweep or vacuum before you mop. Small debris can scratch your floor when mopped over. When you begin mopping your slate floor, make sure you don’t use an acid-based cleaner. Even vinegar and lemon are too acid for slate. You can use mild dish soap or slate cleaner. For those who have kids and pets, a steam mop is a great way to help clean those floors in between professional cleaning.

What is the Best Cleaner for Travertine?

Make sure you sweep or vacuum your floors at least once a week. It will help eliminate dirt and debris from scratching the floors. When mopping the floor make sure to use non-acid dish soap. Then try and ring the mop or sponge out as much as you can to make sure it is not overly saturated. Do not soak your floors with water, it can ruin your beautiful floors.

What is the Best Way to Clean Marble?

When cleaning your marble floor make sure you stay away from harsh cleaners or anything with acid, like vinegar. It can make a dull discoloration on your floor where you were cleaning. Sweeping is the preferred method of cleaning crumbs on the floor. The rough bristles on a vacuum can scratch the marble. Try to spray the floor or use a damp cloth when cleaning, you don’t want too much water on the floor. If there is a spill, try wiping it up as soon as you can. The longer it sits on the floor the harder it will be to clean.

How Do You Clean Limestone?

Limestone floors can be swept, but make sure you use something with soft bristles. With limestone, you can use household soap. But best is to use a pH-neutral stone cleaner that is made for a limestone floor. Make sure you use a mop and immediately towel dry the places that you have mopped. Spills that are left can stain your floors. Make sure you wipe down all spills immediately after they happen. You can use a soft brush like a toothbrush to scrub the stain when needed.

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These are ideas on how to keep your floors clean daily. Planning for regular professional cleaning with Silver State Floor Restoration can help ensure your floor is kept looking like new. Call us today!

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