Does Tile & Grout Need to Be Sealed in Rancho Bel Air, NV? Why Sealing Tiles is Worth It!

If you are getting new tile in your home or you have a home that has tile in it, you need to know about the importance of sealing your tile. Sealing the tile is not something many people know that they should be doing in their home. Silver State Floor Restoration is here to help you understand why you should seal all your tile and grout.

When Does Tile Need to Be Sealed?

If you are putting in ceramic or porcelain tile in your home then they don’t usually require sealing on it. But if you are putting in natural stone tile such as marble, granite, travertine, slate, etc. Then you will want to seal that stone. These natural stones can be very porous, if not sealed spills, stains, or scratches can cause damage to the stone easily. The best thing to do is talk to a professional or the company that is laying your tile and see if it needs to be sealed or not.

Why Should You Seal Tile?

When you seal your tile it will help keep away dirt, spills, or other things getting inside of your tile and ruining it. It is important that you seal your tile and grout in high-traffic areas and especially in kitchens by the sink and stove. You are making a big investment by putting tile in your house so make sure you help protect your investment and seal it. Once a stain is inside your tile it is impossible to get rid of it.

Should Tile Be Sealed After Installation?

Your tile should be sealed before it is installed in your home. But after it is installed then you should seal it again. Then after that, you should seal it every so often over the years to continue keeping a good seal on it. The seal can get worn down and not work as well so you need to continue to reseal it. You want to remember that you should have your tile sealed before you grout. If the tile is porous the grout can ruin the tile if it is not sealed.

Do I Need to Seal Tile Grout?

Even though your tile floor is mostly made up of tile the grout is just as important as tile and needs to be taken care of properly. It is just as important to seal the grout as you would want to seal your tile. Grout is very porous so it can stain very easily if spilled on when it is not sealed. When you get your tile put in most floor installers won’t actually seal the grout for you. This is because the grout needs to cure first. But to keep your grout in good condition you need to make sure that you seal it.

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Having your tile and grout sealed is very important to make sure it will last for many years. It will help protect it from damage. If you are needing your tile or grout sealed then give Silver State Floor Restoration a call today.

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