How Do You Make Tile Grout Last Longer in Aliante, NV? Avoid Harsh Cleaning Products & More

When you want to preserve the grout, there are a few helpful tips that can do more than help. Grout is generally a mixture of water, cement and sand. In addition to filling voids, and sealing joints such as those between tiles, grout is used in pressure grouting, embedding rebar in masonry walls, and connecting sections of pre-cast concrete. In the household, common uses for grout include filling in tiles of shower floors and kitchen tiles. Grout, if not taken care of, can quickly begin to look dull, dingy, and even break down sooner rather than later. To help you maintain clean grout and to maximize its use, we at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to share some tips to make that grout last.

Avoid Cleaning Products with Harsh Chemicals

An idea that can quickly backfire is to really scrub your grout with strong cleansers, which is a very tempting tactic. Causing pitting or other issues, the excessively strong solvents can damage the grout. Since they can stain the grout, you should also avoid cleaning products with dyes in them. As it can etch the surface of your tile, avoid using abrasive cleaning tools, such as steel wool. Make sure to stick with soft cloths and mops to clean them instead.

Do Not Leave Spills & Messes on Tile Floors

Tile is a little bit more durable against food and pet stains, unlike carpets. You can easily wipe it up with a towel if in the event you accidentally drop something onto your tile floor. You still need to act fast if you do spill something on it just because it is easier to keep your tiles clean, however. The longer these messes linger, especially deeply colored substances like red wine, for example, the greater your risk of staining the grout.

Protect Grout from Water

You definitely do not want to overdo it, though your tiles need to be cleaned fairly regularly, and while it’s admittedly pretty challenging to clean your tiles without a little bit of water. As it can actually harm them, you want to be sure you avoid bathing your tiles in excessive liquid. Because it also exposes your tiles and grout to mold, water make it harder to clean it. Leading to decay and eventually ruining your tiles, water can seep beneath the tile.

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It may be overdue for a professional cleaning if your tile, and especially grout looking a little bit gritty and dirty, even if you have been doing your part in keeping your grout clean. Professionals can perform a deep clean to brighten the grout. Following a cleaning, the grout and tile can be efficiently sealed to offer more protection from moisture contact and staining. When the tile and grout in Las Vegas, NV Valley homes and businesses require tile and grout cleaning and maintenance services, trust in the professionals of Silver State Floor Restoration and let us deliver quality services.

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