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Having hardwood floors has been a flooring method for many generations, and in modern living, the hardwood floors have added charm and unique style with many options in finishing. However, the vibrancy and lifespan of hardwood floors solely depends on how it has been treated.

Las Vegas Floor Restoration would like to relate proper care and maintenance on preserving the beauty and shine of your hardwood floors for generations to come.

Hardwood Floor Preventative Maintenance Tips

Keep the dust, dirt and grit off your hardwood floors. Dust mop your hardwood floors at least once a day, or as often as needed in the high traffic areas. Dirt left unattended acts as a sandpaper of sorts with the traction of simply walking on it, leaving your floors scratched and scuffed too soon.
Clean liquid spills from hardwood floors. All accidental spills no matter what the element, should be immediately cleaned up; especially liquid. Water or other such liquids can cause wood to warp and crack. If the liquid is left unattended, it could penetrate into the porous areas, and fester underneath the floorboards. Sop up the liquids as soon as possible.
Avoid abrasive or hard cleaners on your hardwood flooring. Avoid oils soaps, as they can build up over time causing a damage in the long run. Abrasive cleaners can destroy the finish on your hardwood floors. Use the appropriate cleaners for the appropriate finish you have on your hardwood floors.
Don’t drag furniture. It’s easy to drag and slide furniture on the floors, but by doing so, you are leaving scratches and other unsightly blemishes. Get the extra help if needed, and lift the furniture to the location you want it. Consider putting felt on the bottom to better protect your floors against accidental slipping and sliding.
Take care when vacuuming hardwood floors. If vacuuming is your weapon of choice in removing the dirt and debris, make sure the roller isn’t spinning, and it is set to the bare floor setting. The vacuum brush can scuff or scratch your floor, just make sure it isn’t rotating on your beautiful hardwood floors.
Avoid direct sunlight. The direct sunlight can be damaging to hardwood floors over time. Drying out the floors, causing them to crack, and fade. Make sure curtains, drapes, or blinds are being used to keep the sunlight off for long periods of time.

Regular Hardwood Floor Maintenance Cleaning Tips

Sweeping. If you prefer using a broom, make sure the bristles are soft, fine with exploded ends to trap the dirt, dust and debris effectively, without causing unwanted scratching.
Vacuuming. As mentioned before, make sure to utilize the bare floor settings and attachments to sufficiently clean and preserve your hardwood floors.
Dusting mops. Be sure to use a good dust mop. A dust mop with a 12-18 inch cotton head and prepared with a special dust mop treatment. Spray the treatment onto the mop head 12 to 24 hours before dust mopping, or according to label’s directions. We recommend mopping and drying in a grid pattern to avoid leaving any kind of moisture on your floors.

For a professional hardwood cleaning it is best to contact the professionals. Las Vegas Floor Restoration knows the proper protocol and methods for cleaning hardwood floors. Call us today for your next appointment in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada!

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