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If you have a commercial space that uses the most widely used tiles you might be in need of having them stripped and waxed. The type of floors that you have are called VCT or Vinyl Composite Tiles. When you walk into any convenience store or large shopping center, it is pretty certain they have a VCT floor. The floors are usually in a high traffic commercial building that can get dirty very quickly. The dirt can be cleaned with a daily mopping and cleaning but over time they can become dingy and any amount of mopping will not correct it. The problem is that the wax that is on the floors that was originally placed starts to soak in the dirt and grime and becomes part of the wax. If you polish the floors without stripping and waxing them you will have a shiny floor that is still dirty underneath.

Las Vegas Floor Restoration has everything you need to know about having your VCT floors stripped and waxed.

How Often do you Need to Have your VCT Floors Stripped and Waxed?

You can have your vinyl composite tile floors stripped and waxed as often as once a month. You want to look at the amount of traffic that you have in your particular business to help to determine how often it needs to be done. If you don’t have as many patrons visiting your space you may be able to wait a month or two more before you go forward with another stripping and waxing.

What does Stripping and Waxing do for my VCT Floors?

The vinyl composite floors are laid in your business and then a layer of wax is added to it. They are then polished to show off that nice shiny finish. The wax eventually starts to soak up the dirt and grime and will need to be removed. When the floors are stripped the waxy layer is removed with specialized equipment that an experienced technician will use to remove all the wax and get it back down to the vinyl tile. Then a fresh layer of wax is added to the floors and left to dry. After the drying level is done, you can go through and have them polished which will bring them back to the shine that most people are used to seeing.

If you are ready to have your VCT Floors stripped and waxed give Las Vegas Floor Restoration a call and make an appointment today in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada!

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