Fun Flooring Facts

No matter what type of flooring you have in your home, it provides a certain level of comfort that you and your family can enjoy. Carpet, tile, travertine or hard wood flooring are all great examples of excellent flooring that make your home look and feel welcoming, comfortable and relaxing. Some home owners base their flooring choices on price, others on texture, and some on color. Whatever it may be, there are a considerable amount of flooring options to choose from today. Flooring choices have come a long way and we should feel grateful for the many options that we do have.

Early Flooring Options

Back before trying to decide what type of floor to put in a home was considered a trendy choice, there were few options to go with. In many early homes, the floor was just a patch of ground, and in some places, this is still true. Dirt is a good inexpensive surface. Cow dung, straw and hay are sometimes laid across a floor and flattened out as people walk over it. This actually can create a surface that is as hard as cement.

Early Floor Cleaning and Deodorizing

In some regions animals would share the home with people, and sometimes those animals would wander into the non animal living spaces. The animal dung would be trampled to the ground. This would obviously leave an unpleasant smell throughout the home. So home dwellers began to spread mint across their floors. The herb would be strewn across the floors to cover the smell from the animal dung. Stepping on the mint helped to spread its scent through the room. Another way that helped to take care of animal litter was to spread sand over the dirt floor. When the animal litter in the room would become unbearable, it was simply swept out the door with the sand and a new layer of sand was put down on top of the dirt. Peanut and sun flower seed shells were also spread across floors, as they were trampled on, they would release oil into the dirt to help keep dust at a minimum.

Early Natural Stone and Tile Floors

Egyptians are responsible for developing stone construction. Stone and brick floors began to appear and soon these floors became works of art as well as very useful surfaces in the home itself. Colored tiles soon came into play, creating beautiful patterns. This would add much beauty and character to a home. Wood flooring started as just simple loose wood planks were laid across a dirt floor. Eventually people began to smooth the wood down, sanding them or rubbing them with metal or stone. Later on, varnished were used to help prolong the life of the wood floor.

Professional Floor Cleaning

Flooring has come a long way from dirt and sand and most certainly from allowing pet litter to be trodden down into your floor. We still desire to have a beautiful looking floor that will provide us with maximum amount of comfort. Keep your floors looking beautiful and clean by contacting Silver State Floor Restoration today.

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