Terrazzo Tile Flooring Cleaning and Sealing

Flooring in your home is a really fun thing to look for and choose. There are so many different choices that you can make when it comes to flooring. One of the flooring types that has a really great look is Terrazzo. This is a type of floor that is treated a lot like granite when it comes to the maintenance. The big difference is that this flooring is not found in the form it comes in, it is cast. The materials such as granite, glass and marble are added to a compound that will help keep it together then it is poured into a mold to harden. After it is cured the piece is then polished to a nice clean and smooth surface ready to be cut into the appropriate sizes. When this type of floor is installed, the installer will usually ask about adding a sealant to help prevent stains. Silver State Floor Restoration offers a professional cleaning to get your floors looking their best again but in the meantime we have prepared the following list for how to help keep your terrazzo floors cleaned.

Stain Absorbing Porous Terrazzo

These floors are really good when it comes to wear and tear but they can retain stains. They need to have some protection from spills. If your floors have been polished they may need to have a fresh coat of sealant. The pores in the materials that are used to create this floor can be quite absorbent.

Appropriate Floor Cleaners

Don’t use standard cleaners on this type of flooring. They can be hazardous to the floors and can cause them to be eaten away. You want to use a neutral PH cleaner on this type of flooring. Also be sure that you use an appropriate cleaner before a sealant is added.

Acidic Spills Require Immediate Clean Up

Any acidic spills can soak into the flooring easily because it is so porous. If there is anything like fruit juice or soda spilled in the floor it is best to have it cleaned up right away. You don’t want it to get into the tiles and start to eat away the flooring itself.

Scratching and Scraping Preventing

Just like most floors, dirt and sand can be abrasive on Terrazzo flooring and should be swept and mopped often to keep from scratching the floors.

Professional Terrazzo Cleaning

Make sure that you have the floors professionally cleaned on a regular basis for them to last the longest they can. Call Silver State Floor Restoration for anything that you may need done with your terrazzo floors from cleaning to sealing to installation.

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