Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Sealing Tips in Las Vegas Nevada; Right Cleaners, Vacuum & Ice

Hardwood floors are a beautiful option for any kind of home. The options of what you can get are endless. From colors to sizes and grain you can personalize what you want when you choose a hardwood floor. Hardwood is also a great option if you want something that is easy to clean and can be polished and resurfaced and sealed again. One of the biggest complaints that homeowners have is how to keep the hardwood floors clean. When you allow dirt to be left on the floors it will work as an abrasive and scratch away at the woods finish. This can lead to the floor needing to be refinished or replaced sooner.

Silver State Floor Restoration has some tips for you to keep your hardwood floors clean when you are in between professional cleanings

1. Use the Right Cleaning Products: You can’t use just any kind of products to clean your hardwood floors. There are specialized cleaning products that should be used. One thing that you need to know is whether your floors are sealed or not. If the floor has not been sealed this is a great opportunity to have it done. When it is sealed it makes it much easier to clean and take care of. If you have a sealed floor all you need to do it sweep up the floor and mop with a damp cloth or mop.

2. Vacuum Cleaner: One way to get the dirt and debris off your hardwood floors is to take the vacuum to it. This is a fast and efficient way to remove the dirt and make it ready for mopping. When you use a vacuum to remove the debris it can save your floors from getting scratches and dents in the floor. This is a good habit to have and do each day. You want to make sure that you use a felt floor attachment so that it does not cause damage when it moves across the flooring.

3. Don’t Clean with Water: In the case of water, it doesn’t matter if you have a sealed floor or an unsealed floor. Water is not a good choice. You obviously want to use water on your mop but you never want to flood the floor with too much excess water. Make sure that you always wring out the mop thoroughly before using it on the floors.

4. Ice is your friend: Ice can be your friend when you are back in regular everyday living mode. This can save you when there is a piece of gum that has become stuck to your floors. You can use a piece of ice to freeze the gum and it makes it so that you can scrape it off.

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