Looking for a Change? Choose a New Grout Color for your Tile Floor in Las Vegas Nevada

If you are looking into having tile or stone put into your home there is a process that needs to take place. The first choice is looking at the area that needs the tile or stone and have it measured so you know how large the area is. Then you can go out and look for the tile or stone that you want. There are an endless amount of choices that you can make. There are different types of stone and tile, not to mention the sizes and shapes. Once you know the type you want, you have to choose a color pattern that is best for the interior of your home. Most people assume that this is the end of the choices they make when it comes to having tile installed. This is where you are wrong. There is a large amount of options when looking at the grout too. The grout is what is added in between the tiles and the tiles and the walls to seal the area. After you have decided on tile, the next step is grout. There are several ways that grout can be done and you can help make the decisions.

Size: Before the tile is installed you need to decide on the size of the grout lines. A professional installer should allow you to make this choose since the size of the grout doesn’t really have any bearing on the integrity of the tile. It is mostly a personal preference and you should decide how much grout you want to deal with. After the install you will be the one that is left to make sure that it is clean. If you want a larger space to clean you can go with a thicker grout line. If you want a smaller area to clean you should have a thinner grout line.

Color: There are 3 different ways that color can be chosen. The first way is to have a contrast. This is when you use a darker shade of grout compared to the tile. This can leave a more dramatic tile look and depending on the look you want this might be right for you. The next option is to match the tile. If you have a solid white tile you can go with a solid white grout line. This will make the room seem larger and can match nicely. If you want the last option it is called blending. This is when you take the tile that is not a solid color and use a color grout that blends well.

Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning | Grout Color Change Service in Las Vegas Nevada

Silver State Floor Restoration have over 100 options of grout color to choose from and can match, contrast or blend any color tile that you choose. Contact us today to transform the look of your tile with a new color grout or to brighten, clean and match the color you have now!

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