How Can Minor Scratches (Etching) Be Buffed Out & Removed from Marble Floors & More in Centennial, NV?

Marble is a beautiful stone that is used for floors, countertops, and interior wall siding such as in showers. Marble is very beautiful. However, it is one of the softer stones. On the hardness scale marble rates a 4 out of 10. Marble is prone to scratches if it is not properly taken care of. Nonetheless, when minor scratches occur they can be removed to restore the surface of the stone. Silver State Floor Restoration will share how to remove minor scratches on marble stone and when to seek a professional assistance.

Can You Get Minor Scratches Out of Marble?

Minor scratches, or also referred to as etching, can be repaired. However, deep scratches should be handled by a professional as you can ruin the stone. If you have minor scratches or etching you can remove them by following these steps.
• Step 1. Start by mixing warm water with liquid dish soap to create a mild soapy mixture. You can create your mixture in a bowl.
• Step 2. You will want to apply the warm soapy mixture on the areas with the scratches. You’ll need a soft white cloth which you will soak into the mixture. Wring out the cloth until it is damp. Gently rub the cloth over the scratches.
• Step 3. After cleaning the site you will want to rinse the marble thoroughly, using distilled water. Using a new cleaning cloth, soak it in the distilled water and wipe the surface of the marble.
• Step 4. Using a dry soft cloth, you will want to buff the surface of the marble. When buffing the surface of the marble use circular motions.
• Step 5. The last step is to polish the marble. When using a marble polishing product, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the products use.

Can You Resurface Marble to Get Rid of Large Scratches?

This is how you can remove minor scratches on marble. It is safe to deal with minor scratches yourself. However, deeper scratches should be handled by a professional. A professional stone restoration service can strip the marble surface and refinish the stone. A professional can safely grind down, buff and then polish the marble, renewing the surface of the stone. Due to the sensitivity of marble, severe damage should not be taken lightly. The wrong product and techniques can ruin the stone beyond repairing. Stone can be smoothed down but not too much as you will slowly thin the stone up over time. To avoid damaging your stone in the attempts to repairing scratches, simply seek a professional service.

How Do You Protect Marble from Etching? Does Sealing Prevent Scratches?

You can prevent most minor scratches simply by maintaining the marble’s sealer. A sealer needs to be maintained. Depending on the quality of the sealer, you may need to reseal the marble every 6 to 12 months. If you are not sure when you need to reseal your marble, you can perform a basic test. Pour water on the stone and after a few minutes wipe it away. If the marble looks damp then you need to reseal the stone.

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