What is the Difference Between Honed, Tumbled & Other Travertine Finishes in Downtown Las Vegas, NV

Are you building a new home or remodeling your existing home? Are you trying to figure out what is the best stone to put in your kitchen, bathroom, or even outside? Or maybe you are just simply trying to figure out what kind of stone is in the new home you just purchased. Silver State Floor Restoration wants to help you understand the different types of travertine finishes there are and how they complement your home.

What Does Tumbled Mean in Travertine?

Tumbled travertine is great for tubs, showers, and outdoors. With a tumbled travertine finish the pieces of stone are cut the same size and placed in a plastic barrel with grit and water. They are placed in the barrel in such a way that the stones will rub against each other and the grit. This could take up to 3-5 weeks and using different types of grit depending on the type of finish you want. Tumbled stone is usually unfilled, but then can be filled when they put the grout on when they are laying it. You will want to seal tumbled travertine before and after you grout it. This finish has more of a natural look that doesn’t have any shine to it.

What is Brushed Travertine Tile?

A brushed travertine finish is not as popular as other finishes. It is also not filled. When they do a brush travertine finish it is done by brushing the stone with a rotary wire wheel or brush until they get the texture that you want. This finish has more of a rougher texture and not much gloss. It is also not as slippery as other finishes.

Is Honed Travertine Shiny?

Honed travertine finish is probably the most common travertine finish. It can be used for inside and outdoors, for bathroom and showers, kitchens, and even pools. Honed travertine has a flat and smooth finish. You can have it be filled or unfilled. The smooth texture is achieved by grinding down one side of the stone.

Polished Travertine

When you have polished travertine finish it is filled. It has a smooth and shiny look to it. It looks a lot like marble. It has a look that could almost be reflective. This kind of finish can become more slippery when wet. So it is most common in backsplashes or wall inserts.

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Whatever you are doing in your home Silver State Floor Restoration is here to help you learn and understand a little more about travertine finishes and what they are like. With their help, you can make the best decision for yourself and your home. Call us today!

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