What is the Best Cleaner for Porcelain or Other Tile & Grout in a Bathroom Shower Enclosure in Whitney, NV?

Tile and grout are commonly used in the shower. It is durable, water and moisture resistant and with the many options, can be very stunning. When it comes to keep it looking its best, there is proper cleaning and care that is required. Today, we at Silver State Floor Restoration would like to discuss cleaning tips for the tile and grout in the shower.

What is the Best Water Spot Remover?

Combine half cup water and half cup baking soda to restore the look of your bathroom tiles. All over your shower’s tiles, apply this paste and let dry. Add in a cup or more of vinegar and put the mixture in a squirt bottle, and spray over the baking soda. Use a scouring pad to scrub the area and rinse well. Repeat the process until your tiles are clean if the streaks are stubborn. You should use additional lighting in your shower to check if you want to make sure that your tiles are spotless. The tools you need to tend to these things belong to a professional tile and grout cleaner.

How Do You Get Black Spots Out of Tile Grout?

Below is one method you can use if you want to learn how to clean grout in shower tiles. With 2 cups of warm water, mix 1 cup of borax and 2 cups of baking soda. Using an old toothbrush after applying this paste to the grout in your shower and scrub well. Also, you can apply a little bleach to some of the areas that have stubborn dark spots. For removing the dirt in the grout between the tiles of your shower, another method is to using tooth-whitening toothpaste. Until the spots are gone, scrub with an old toothbrush after applying a small amount on the grout. You will want to make sure you work together with your local professional tile and grout cleaner to fully restore your tiles like they were when they were now, even with DIY treatments used regularly.

What is the Best Way to Clean Kitchen Counter VS Bathroom Shower Tiles?

In both their bathrooms and kitchen, most homes use tile. Many homeowners wonder if the cleaning techniques above work for both bathroom and kitchen tiles. You may find that some companies talk about many different ways to clean your home using homemade cleaners. However, they need to be cleaned in different ways, though both tiles may look similar. The kitchen tiles are exposed to a wider array of contaminants than the tiles in your shower. The best way to clean shower tile grout may not be the best way to clean kitchen tile grout, and vice versa. Since these are exposed to food, kitchen tiles are more prone to stains. Unless you use hair coloring products in your shower, shower tiles, on the other hand, aren’t that prone to stains. While bathroom tiles are not, kitchen tiles are also exposed to grease and grime. To help remove more stubborn dirt and stains, cleaning your kitchen tiles will require stronger cleaning agents.

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