Importance of Using the Right Cleaner on Your Grout in Winchester, NV & What You Cannot Clean Grout With

It doesn’t matter if you have tile or natural stone floors, you will have grout that needs to be cleaned. It is important that you are properly maintaining your tile or natural stone floors to get the most out of them. Silver State Floor Restoration is here to walk through some of the cleaners that you should avoid when cleaning your grout so that you don’t end up with damage to your floor and premature replacement.

What Can You Not Clean Grout With?

Whether you have tile or natural stone, there is going to be grout that needs to be cleaned. It is important that the right cleaners are used to get as many years as possible out of your flooring. Here are the cleaners that we recommend staying away from.
– Colored Grout Cleaners: The grout between your tile or stone is a highly porous surface. You have to be careful when using cleaners that have dyes and are colored as the color will seep into the ground and cause staining. You should also avoid using dirty water with your mop as the dirt and grime will settle into the grout. This can leave unsightly staining.
– Vinegar: For those that are trying to use cleaners that are more eco-friendly, vinegar probably makes your list of top cleaning agents. While this may true for other surfaces, you should avoid using it on your tile and grout. The high acidity in vinegar can start to eat away at the mortar your grout is made of. When vinegar removes layer by layer, you could end up replacing your flooring much earlier that you want to.
– Muriatic Acid: This is an industrial strength cleaner used to clean pools and other commercial surfaces. It is much too strong for the grout in your home. It will leave your flooring damaged permanently as it is not meant to be used on your tile or stone flooring. You should never use it in a residential setting.
– Bleach: If you are wanting to give your home a good sanitizing clean, there is no cleaner that will get the job done quite as well as bleach does. However, it is important that bleach isn’t used on your grout because it can cause damage to it. Not only will it erode the grout, but it will also cause discoloration as well.

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When you use the wrong cleaner on your tile and grout, it can leave you with flooring that is damaged and could possible cause you to need to replace it earlier than you would if you had it professionally cleaned by the pros at Silver State Floor Restoration. We not only clean your tile or natural stone flooring, but we also provide you will sealer that will offer more protection for your grout. We will help you get the most out of your flooring. Call us today!

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