How to Restore Travertine Tile After Staining, Etching, Scratching, Water & Other Damage in Canyon Gate, NV

If you have travertine in your home, you want to make sure it is staying looking nice. You need to try and protect against damage to the travertine. But how do you do that? Silver State Floor Restoration is here to help you learn what can damage your stone and what to avoid to keep your travertine looking nice day in and day out.

How to Get Stains & Etch Marks Out of Travertine

Travertine is a durable but, more sensitive stone. You have to be very careful when you are cleaning it. If you have any products that have acid in them, including vinegar and lemon, this can etch (make it dull) the stone. If you put anything acidic on the stone, it can cause damage to it. If wine, coffee, or juices get spilled on it, this can also etch the finish on the stone. So make sure you clean the spills right away. When you spill something that has some acid in it, it will leave a ring mark on your floor even after you have cleaned it. If your floor has etching or has been stained, it will come across looking like it’s dirty when it is not.

Can You Remove Scratches from Travertine?

You can scratch travertine especially if you have it as flooring. You can scratch your floors if you are sliding heavy furniture on it. Make sure you sweep up the dirt, sand, or any type of grit on your floor. The sand and dirt can scratch up your floor if you don’t clean it. You need to be careful when cleaning so you don’t scratch your floor.

How Do You Remove Mold & Mildew from Travertine?

If you have travertine in your shower or tub then you could get mold or mildew in the corners or little holes in your travertine. Travertine isn’t a smooth surface and because of this, it can have mildew build up in the waves of the stone. If you are mopping your floors, make sure you don’t over soak your floor. Excessive water can also damage your travertine.

Dirty Travertine with Grease

You can get grime buildup on your floors. Because travertine has hills and divots you can get grime build up. This can make your floor, shower or backsplash look extra dirty. Try and clean it weekly to keep it clean. If you are mopping your floor, make sure to dry off your floor after mopping. Grime buildup can get in those holes and grout and if left unattended can cause damage to your travertine.

How Do You Remove Limestone & Calcium Deposits from Travertine Tile?

If you have travertine in your shower or tub you could get hard water build up on the floors or walls. A great way to avoid this build up is by wiping down the shower after you use it. That way it is dried off instead of the water setting on your shower floor. If you leave water on the travertine you can get a water ring line from the mineral in the water left behind, damaging your floor.

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