How Do You Deep Clean & Get Stains Out of Discolored & Stained Terrazzo Floors in Sunrise Manor, NV?

Terrazzo is a popular flooring that is used inside and outside of a home. Terrazzo is made from the broken chips of marble stone that is held by concrete. The surface is polished and is often sealed to keep the floors beautiful and shiny. However both the concrete and marble that make the flooring can be stained as both materials are extremely porous. As Terrazzo floors are prone to stains, it is important to know how to remove the stain quickly to prevent permanent stains on your beautiful terrazzo floors. Silver State Floor Restoration will share how to remove stains from Terrazzo floors and how you can prevent stains in the future.

How to Remove Stains on Terrazzo Floors

Before you begin cleaning a stain on your terrazzo floor, you will first need to determine if and what type of protective coating you have on your floors. Terrazzo often uses a sealant or wax coating. In some cases the terrazzo may have a natural honed and polished finish instead of a wax or sealer. If you have a wax or sealer on the terrazzo floor, you will need to strip it before you can remove the stain. If the floors are only honed and polished, you do not need to worry about stripping the floor. Once you have identified if your terrazzo is sealed, waxed or polished, either apply the stripper or prepare to clean the stain. If you need to strip the site of the stain, make sure to use the proper stripper and follow the manufacture’s directions.

Poultice to Remove Stains on Terrazzo

When removing a stain on terrazzo you will want to use a “poultice.” A poultice is a method that uses a combination of dry, absorbent material, and a liquid chemical that acts as the cleaning agent. Depending on the type of stain, your poultice mixture will vary. You will want to determine the source or cause of the stain and find the right mixture. You can even seek a commercial terrazzo cleaner and stain remover. There are a lot of different products you can buy, so make sure to read the directions carefully and get a cleaner designed for terrazzo. After cleaning the stain you will need to restore the terrazzo’s finish if used.

How to Prevent Stains on Terrazzo

Where terrazzo is a combination of marble or other natural stones and concrete, you will want to consider having the floor sealed. Many people will use a wax or hone and polish the terrazzo floor. However, terrazzo floors do much better when sealed. A strong sealer can be applied to the terrazzo which will keep out dirt and liquids. This means no stains and a cleaner floor. A professional tile or natural stone cleaning service can come to your home and deep clean the terrazzo floor. Afterwards they can hone, polish and then seal your floor with a sealant of your choice, including a wax. A professional service not only can ensure the job is done correctly, but they can take a lot of the guess work out of which sealer is right and even how to remove different types of stains.

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