How Do You Preserve Tile Grout in The Lakes, NV? Clean Spills Quickly, Avoid Harsh Cleaning Products & More

When your grout looks dirty or broken your whole house can feel dirty too. You decide to get your tiles and grout professionally cleaned and your house feels so much better. How can you make that grout last a long time? We get you don’t want to keep having a professional come weekly. So what can you do? Silver State Floor Restoration is here to give you some tips on how to help make your grout last longer and stay looking nice.

Clean Spills on Tile Quickly

If a spill happens on your tile and grout (which they often do), what should you do? With all of the cooking and meal prep that takes place in the kitchen, it’s hard not to have a spill. Just don’t let that spill linger there. Clean it up immediately! If you don’t clean it up right away you could risk staining the grout. That spill can get work it’s way down inside your grout making it nearly impossible to get out. Not to mention a stained grout will make your floor start to look dirty again.

Protect Grout from Moisture

You will want to make sure you protect your grout from unnecessary moisture. Meaning, don’t use too much water when cleaning. When you are mopping your floors and you use too much water it can pre-dispose the tile and grout to mold. The water can seep through the grout and get down underneath the tile and stay there. If there is moisture in and under the grout, it will then cause mold to grow there.

Harsh Cleaning Products are Bad for Grout

We know you want to continue to keep the grout clean. Just keep in mind when it comes to cleaning your tile and grout, try to avoid using harsh chemicals. If you use harsh chemicals it can cause pitting and damage the grout. There are also cleaning products that have dyes in them. So make sure you thoroughly inspect the contents of the cleaning product before you use it on your tile and grout. Some of these chemicals can also stain the grout.

Avoid Abrasive Cleaning Tools

If you are trying to clean the grout after a spill or you feel like it is getting dirty again. Try to avoid abrasive cleaning tools like steel wool. If you use cleaning tools like this it can etch the surface of the tile when you are trying to clean the grout. Using some type of brush will work the best. There are brushes that are specific for the tile that you can buy to clean your grout.

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We understand that you want your house to look clean. Keeping your tile clean and protected from damage can be hard. But by following these few simple tips can help make cleaning your grout a little easier. Silver State Floor Restoration wants to help you keep your floors clean. We know that it is important to you. If you have any questions or concerns with grout we are here to help you get your questions answered and your grout clean.

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