How Do You Maintain Floors Between Professional Tile & Grout Cleanings in MacDonald Ranch, NV

Each type of flooring is different from the look, to the shine, to how you take care of it. When it comes to tile, it can be one of the easier ones to take care of in between professional cleaning. Following these few tips by Silver State Floor Restoration can help you keep your tile and grout clean throughout the day or the week without thinking you need a professional cleaning every day.

Sweep Tile Floors

You want to sweep your tile floors so that you can get rid of all the dirt and debris that may be tracked in from shoes, feet, or paws every day. If you are using rugs, which is very smart to do, it can catch a lot of the dirt and debris from getting on your tile floor. You want to make sure that you wash them or at least go outside and shake them off so that they are also clean and don’t get overly dirty and start adding dirt to your floor. Sweeping is the best way to start having a clean floor.

Wipe Down Tile Flooring

When you are done sweeping, it is best to wipe the tile down with a soft cloth and clean water. Porcelain tile is not porous like other natural stones so you can just wipe it down to get rid of the mess. You will be surprised how much just wiping down with a damp rag can remove soil that has been left on your tile. Make sure to wipe it down with a dry cloth when you are done.

Best Tile Cleaner

Sometimes things get on your tile that are hard to get away and just sweeping or wiping down isn’t enough. You can use cleaners to clean your tile. Just do not use oil or wax base cleaners. These types of cleaners will leave a residue and attract dirt. Types of cleaners that you can use are alkaline and natural. Alkaline can be used, but not on a regular basis. It won’t harm the tile, but it can strip away the sealant. Natural cleaners are the gentlest for tile and grout. First, try natural cleaners and if that is not enough then you can turn it to alkaline detergents.

Disinfecting Tile Floors

Ceramic tile doesn’t fade or go dull when you use harsh chemicals or disinfectants. Using these occasionally can help disinfect your flooring. There are many products that you can use but you can also just simply use soap and water to help disinfect your floor.

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Tile and grout can be pretty easy to clean. The best things to use are natural or mild alkaline cleaners. To prevent your grout from staining, the best thing you can do is to have your grout sealed. Tile and grout flooring can be pretty easy to take care of as long as you are taking care of it and trying to keep it clean. If your tile and grout need a deep clean, then call a professional like Silver State Floor Restoration. We will gladly come and get your tile cleaned.

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