How Do You Maintain Onyx Countertops in The Lakes, NV? Cleaning to Make Shine, Sealing & More

You just redid your kitchen and it is beautiful. You put in Onyx stone for your countertops and it just added to your dream kitchen. But how do you maintain onyx stone? Onyx stone is very sensitive and you do not want to ruin your beautiful new countertop. So, what do you do? Silver State Floor Restoration wants to walk you through three things you can do to help maintain your countertops.

Cleaning Onyx Countertops to Make Shine

If you have an Onyx countertop you need to be careful what you put on it. Onyx is a silica-based stone that is soft. Common household items can damage your countertop if they get on it. Coffee, vinegar, red wine, lemon juice, or anything that has an acid-base in it can ruin your countertops. When it comes to cleaning your countertop you have to be careful because a lot of homemade cleaners or store-bought cleaners can be acid-based, which will cause more harm than good. Because it is a softer stone you need to watch out for abrasive cleaners also. When you buy cleaners make sure you read the labels. Find one with a neutral pH level. You don’t want to destroy your countertops while trying to clean them. If you have found a good cleaner make sure you use a soft cloth like a microfiber cloth or even a soft tissue to clean your countertops. Do not put cleaners directly on the counter. Onyx is very porous and the cleaner can destroy your countertops.

How Do You Seal Onyx Countertops?

The best thing you can do for your countertop is to put a sealant on it. A sealant doesn’t necessarily make it stain-proof when you leave spills on your counter for a while. But it does help slow the rate of the spills being absorbed into the porous stone. Sealing it can also help your stone be more durable and have more shine. Your best option is to have a professional come and seal it for you. This stone is very rare and you do not want it ruined. With this stone, you need to have it sealed every one to three years to keep it durable.

Polish Onyx Countertops

Because onyx stone is so soft and porous your stone can develop tiny scratches or stains on it. No matter how well you take care of it. But to help limit these damages make sure that you use cutting boards, hot pads, and coasters, this will help decrease the number of scratches and stains that your countertops could get. Once you damage your stone it is harder to fix it, but hiring a professional to come polish it can help keep the beauty of your countertop and have it continue to look smooth and beautiful.

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Onyx is a beautiful stone even though it is porous and a softer stone it can make your home’s counters look amazing. If you continue to take care of it you will love this in your home. If you have this stone in your home then give Silver State Floor Restoration a call so we can answer all of your questions.

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